5 Smart Ways to Store Your Pool Furniture During the Off-Season

by Dusty Rhodes on Oct 24, 2017  in 
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On a hot summer day there is nothing like relaxing around a sparkling pool.  The pool itself is a refreshing way to spend a lazy afternoon but the pool furniture and pool toys also add to the ambiance and overall appearance of your pool. These important poolside accessories make the pool area more inviting so it is important to take proper care of your pool furniture so it will remain in good condition for next year.  Part of caring for your pool furniture and accessories is proper storage during the fall and winter months.  Here are a few smart and creative ways to store you pool accessories and keep them looking brand new.

Deck Boxes
Deck boxes are available in a variety of materials and colors.  They offer a perfect storage solution for many pool accessories while adding a decorative element to the patio itself.  Deck boxes are a great way to store items such as pool toys, floats, outdoor pillows, cushions, and umbrellas.  You can also custom order a cedar deck box in just about any size so you can have the right amount of storage for your items.  They will keep your items in a dry and secure area during the off season so your pool accessories will be ready to go come spring.

Storage Unit
Poolside furniture such as tables, chairs, loungers, and loveseats should be taken indoors during the colder months.  This will help to prevent damage from seasonal weather and extend the life of your poolside furniture.  That said this furniture is often too large and bulky to place in your garage.  You can rent a personal storage unit during the fall and winter months to house all of your outdoor furniture.  These climate-controlled and weatherproof units will keep your pool furniture safe, dry, and well protected during the off season. 

Outdoor Storage Shed
For the DIY homeowner, a custom built outdoor shed can be a beautiful storage option for pool furniture and accessories.  There are also plenty of purchasable options for those who are less handy.  Either way, they provide a great solution for storing small furniture, outdoor cushions, and pool floats.  These storage sheds are easily accessible and provide the protection you need for your outdoor furniture and accessories. 

Built-In Deck Bench
If you have a deck around your pool area you should consider adding a bench that doubles as a storage container.  This savvy storage option is as functional as it is beautiful.  Easily store away outdoor cushions, umbrellas, and pool accessories when they are not in use and keep them protected from harsh weather conditions.

Portable Storage Containers
Perhaps the best thing about portable storage containers is the ease and convenience they provide!  These portable containers are delivered straight to your home and provide ample storage for all of your outdoor furniture and accessories.  This is a great option for those larger pieces of furniture that cannot fit in your garage.  You can have your portable container taken to a storage facility where your furniture will remain safe and secure until you are ready to have it delivered back to your home in the spring. 

Maintaining your pool furniture during the colder months is imperative if you want to keep it in good condition year after year.  These smart storage ideas offer great solutions for your poolside furniture and will help to protect your furniture and your investment.  You can keep your pool looking beautiful every year by properly storing your poolside furniture.

Dusty Rhodes