3 Things College Students Should Own Before Moving Back to College

by Dusty Rhodes on Oct 10, 2017  in 
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The fall semester is quickly approaching and that means college students around the country will be scrambling to get all of those last minute items they need before returning to school.  With so many items to remember, the list of what to pack can seem a bit overwhelming.  College dorm shopping can be quite a task and it is easy to get lost in the shuffle. That is why we have put together a list of three must-have items that every college student should have at the top of their list.

A Decent Mattress
College students have been known to enjoy their sleep and let’s be honest…those dorm room beds are anything but luxurious.  After pulling an all-nighter to prepare for an exam, every student needs a comfortable bed where they can catch up on that much needed rest.  Sure you can purchase a super cushy mattress cover, but even the thickest mattress covers aren’t enough to mask the feeling of those rock hard college mattresses.  Instead of adding layer after layer of blankets to soften the mattress, why not just invest in a better mattress? Sleep is an invaluable necessity and every college student can benefit from a good night’s sleep.  This is also a good investment because they will have a nice mattress when they move into their first apartment.

Plenty of Storage Containers
Whether you are moving back into the dorm or sharing an apartment with a couple of roommates, one thing college students do not usually have is a lot of space.  Before heading back to campus, make sure you stock up on plenty of storage containers so you can neatly organize all of your belongings.  Consider the items you will be storing and purchase a variety of shapes and sizes.  For example, clothing and blankets fit great in wide, flat boxes that can easily slide under the bed.  Rectangular stackable boxes are perfect for shoes, books, and food items.  Over the door storage hangers are also great for jewelry, shoes, and other small accessories.  

Mini Fridge
Although most college students eat many meals on-the-go it is absolutely essential that every student have a nice mini fridge for their dorm.  They provide just enough room for drinks and a few snacks without taking up too much space.  A mini fridge will also help college students save a little money so they are not relying on dining halls for every meal.  This is a great way to store some healthier food options as well and avoid the constant temptation for takeout.  A mini fridge means you can have your favorite drinks and snacks right at your fingertips!

While the list for college essentials can seem never ending, these are three items that should definitely be at the top.  College should be a great experience and you can make the most of your time at school when you have these must-have items on hand. 

Dusty Rhodes