4 Hacks for Setting Up the Dorm Room of Your Dreams

by Dusty Rhodes on Oct 05, 2017  in 
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You have been waiting for this day for what seems like forever…the day you are finally going to move into your college dorm.  You can barely contain your excitement until you open up your dorm room door to get your first glimpse at what looks like a 15’x15’ prison cell.  Reality sets in that you are going to be living in this box with another person.  Add to that the rock hard mattresses, white concrete walls, and less than stylish furniture and your dorm can seem more like a dungeon.  Luckily, there are some super easy hacks that can liven up the space and turn your dorm room into a stylish hangout. 

Create a DIY Headboard
Let’s face it… dorm room twin beds are not the most attractive pieces of furniture.  However, you can spruce yours up by creating a stylish headboard.  All you need is a piece of plywood, quilt batting, fabric, and a staple gun.  Cut out a rectangle from the plywood, making sure it is wide enough to rest on the rail of your bed.  Fit a layer of quilt batting to the wood and staple.  Then lay your fabric over the quilt batting and secure with more staples.  Once it is complete, simply slide it between the back of the bed and the mattress and rest it on the rail.  Pair this headboard with some colorful bedding to create a custom look for your dorm.

Hang Removable Wallpaper
If your school allows it, decorate one of the blank walls with removable wallpaper.  This will brighten up the space and make it feel much homier.  There is nothing quite as cold and depressing as beige concrete walls, so removable wallpaper offers the perfect solution for adding some glam to those drab walls.  It is also a great way to tie all of your other decorative elements together. 

Bunk Your Beds
Dorm rooms certainly aren’t known for being spacious.  If your room is feeling a little too cozy try bunking the beds.  This will open up much more space for a desk and sitting area.  It will also allow for more storage for your belongings.  Throw some matching bed sets on the beds and you will soon have a room that is as spacious as it is stylish.

Store on Your Door
Who says you can’t have a pantry in your dorm room? An over-the-door shoe organizer can function as so much more! Fill the compartments with your favorite snacks and non-perishable items for an easily accessible way to grab your favorite on-the-go snacks. These hangers can also be used to store jewelry or shoes.  Utilizing your door space is huge when dealing with a small dorm room.  You won’t believe how much extra storage you create just by using your door!

The biggest complaints about college dorms are that they are small and dreary.  All it takes is a little creativity and these awesome hacks to turn your dorm into a space that is not only livable, but likeable as well!

Dusty Rhodes