5 Savvy Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Movers

by Dusty Rhodes on Oct 02, 2017  in 
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We all know that moving is no easy task.  It involves a tremendous amount of heavy lifting and strenuous exercise, not to mention the fact that moves still take place in the rain, extreme heat, or extreme cold.  Add to that the time crunch to be out of your home and the stress of making sure all of your belongings make it unscathed and its’ no wonder you left such a task to the professionals.  After selecting the moving company of your choice, how do you show your appreciation for an excellent moving experience?  If you want to say thank you to the team of movers who have worked so hard to make your transition as smooth as possible, consider these small acts of kindness that can really go a long way!

1. Provide Snacks and Drinks
Show your gratitude for your movers by taking the time to respect their needs.  Offer them bottled water, soft drinks, and snacks to keep them fueled and hydrated throughout the move.  Moving typically takes several hours so providing snacks and refreshments is greatly appreciated by your movers.  It is important to remember that although they are professionals, their bodies tire just like anyone else’s and having refreshments on hand will keep their energy levels up.

2. Offer to Buy Their Lunch and/or Dinner
In addition to small snacks and refreshments, it is a thoughtful gesture to purchase lunch for your movers.  If you prefer to wait until the end of the move, you can offer to provide dinner as a way to celebrate a job well done.  Order some pizzas, pick up some hamburgers, or have some sandwiches catered as a way to say thank-you.  Your movers will certainly have worked up a healthy appetite and they will be very grateful for a nice meal. 

3. Tip Your Movers
Although you are paying for the moving service, it is considered appropriate to tip the moving crew for their hard work.  It is obviously something that you are not obligated to do, but it is a great way to show the team that you are grateful for their service.  A good rule of thumb is to tip movers around $10-15 each for a half-day’s work and about $20-$30 each for a full day’s work.  A tip is a gesture that shows you recognized the team’s effort and are satisfied with their service.

4. Contact Their Employer
If you were especially pleased with your moving crew, pass that information along to their boss by making a phone call or sending an email.  It only takes a few minutes but it can really mean a lot to your movers.  They might also ask you to take a survey at the end of the move and this would be the perfect opportunity to praise them. 

5. Leave a Positive Review
In some cases, taking an extra 10 minutes to positively review a company can prove to be more valuable to the company than any other gesture.  This will be helpful for potential clients when they are shopping around for a good moving company.  Word of mouth goes a long way in the moving industry so your moving crew will definitely appreciate your kind words. 

Most moving companies do a tremendous job of working hard to provide superior customer service to their clients.  Let your movers know how much you appreciate all of their hard work through a small act of kindness.

Dusty Rhodes