6 Crazy Tips for Packing Your Moving Boxes on a Schedule

by Dusty Rhodes on Sep 28, 2017  in 
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You have just purchased a new home! Amidst all of the excitement, the reality of packing all of those boxes is starting to set in.  Now you just have to figure out a way to get all of your belongings safely and securely packed in just a few short weeks.  Luckily there is no need to panic!  Here are a few awesome tips that will make packing a breeze and help you stay on track.

1. Gather Your Supplies
When you have finally set aside some time for packing, the last think you want to be doing is running around and wasting time looking for extra boxes, tape, and packing paper.  Instead, gather all of your packing supplies ahead of time and keep them neatly stored in a spare bedroom or garage.  This includes plenty of boxes, tape, packing paper, and bubble wrap.  This way you have everything ready to go when you need it.  This will save you a great deal of time when packing and keep you on schedule. 

2. Start with the Garage
When you are packing boxes it is helpful to designate a specific area as the drop spot for boxes.  The garage is an ideal spot, as it allows you to keep the boxes out of hallways, bedrooms, the kitchen, and other high traffic areas.  This means that it is important to pack the garage first.  It is nearly impossible to pack a garage after it is full of boxes.  It is also one of the most tedious rooms in the house so you will feel relieved to get it out of the way. 

3. Unload the Attic Next
This is probably the most dreaded part of your home to pack so it can be tempting to save it for last.  However, after weeks of packing you will be so tired that the thought of working in the attic will seem impossible.  Conversely, if you get the attic done first you will feel like a huge load has been lifted and you will feel more motivated to tackle the rest of the house.

4. Pack One Room a Day
Once you have knocked out the garage and the attic, the rest is going to seem like a piece of cake.  Assuming you have a couple of weeks until moving day, take it one room at a time.  Packing one room a day will be less overwhelming than trying to tackle the entire upstairs at once.  Furthermore, you will really feel a sense of accomplishment each time an entire room is empty, rather than picking a few things from here and there. 

5. Spend a Couple of Days Wrapping
It might not be Christmas but it sure is going to feel like it by the time you are finished packing! As you pack each room, set aside any items that are breakable and come back to those later.  Then, designate a day or two for wrapping breakable items.  Taking the time to wrap your dishes, lamps, pictures, and fragile knick-knacks might seem like a tedious task, but you will be so grateful when these items arrive at your new home without damage. 

6. Save the Kitchen for Last
No, it’s not because the kitchen is filled with hundreds of tiny gadgets and utensils, but you should save your kitchen for last because you are probably going to be using many of those items up until moving day.  A couple of days prior to moving you can go ahead and pack up your dishware and utensils and trade them out for disposable ones for a few days.  However, you should still keep a small box nearby with at least one saucepan, spatula, and baking sheet so you can still cook a few things. 

I have yet to hear anyone talk about the joys of packing, but regardless it is a job that has to get done.  It can be easy to put things off and wait until the last minute, but this will just add an enormous amount of stress to your plate.  Instead, follow these helpful tips in order to stay on schedule and enjoy an easier packing process.

Dusty Rhodes