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by Dusty Rhodes on Jul 31, 2017  in 
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It’s that time of year when everyone is ready to head outside for a backyard cookout or just a little fun in the sun.  However, you might find yourself overwhelmed by all of the “stuff” that seems to be taking over your backyard. Toys, tools, and gardening accessories can quickly make your backyard feel cluttered and unorganized.  It’s time to get rid of that disarray and find storage solutions that can help you keep your backyard in tip top shape.  Let’s take a look at some great storage ideas that can keep your backyard looking its best all summer long!

Storage Sheds
Storage sheds are a great option for storing outdoor supplies.  They come in a variety of sizes and styles so they can accommodate just about any size yard.  They offer ample space for storing bicycles, rakes, shovels, lawn equipment, and other outdoor tools.  They are easily accessible making them a convenient and stylish choice for most backyards. 

Deck Box
Need a place to throw toys, outdoor cushions, or small gardening tools?  Deck boxes are the perfect solution for storing smaller items.  They come in a variety of styles making them a decorative piece while still providing storage for your outdoor accessories. 

Shelving and Hooks
Never underestimate the power of a few shelves and hooks.  You can easily install shelves and hooks on your back patio to house gardening tools such as watering cans, shovels, hats, gloves, and shears.  It is a simple yet effective way to keep all of your gardening supplies neatly organized and stored away.

Built-in Benches
What looks like a stylish architectural element can actually be the perfect hiding spot for concealing bats, balls, toys, and other outdoor gear.  In addition to providing great storage, built-in benches also allow for extra outdoor seating making it a win-win solution!

Decorative Pots
Need a home for your gardening hose?  Try using a copper pot for a great way to store your hose with style.  It will give an aged look while neatly tucking away your hose and getting it off the ground.

Storage Cabinets
Choose a tall wooden cabinet that can be placed on your deck or patio. This simple idea allows you to store tools, toys, or outdoor gear without compromising beauty and style.

Lack of outdoor storage is a common issue for many homeowners but these clever ideas provide a way to tackle the storage dilemma.  With these great ideas you can find a way to store your tools, toys, outdoor cushions, outdoor cookware, and any other accessories.  Hopefully these storage ideas will inspire you to get outside and get organized!

Dusty Rhodes