3 Ways to Successfully Transport Your Vehicle Across the Country

by Dusty Rhodes on Jul 25, 2017  in 
  • Long Distance Move
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Moving to a new city can be stressful enough but when you are moving across the country it can become quite daunting.  In addition to moving all of your clothes, housewares, and personal belongings you also have to figure out how to move your car as well.  It might seem simple enough…if you want to move your car just hop in and drive it.  However, when you are moving a long distance you might want to consider some other options.  Thankfully, you have a few great options for safely transporting your vehicle across the country.

Haul Your Car
There are definitely some benefits to the DIY method.  If you plan to rent a moving van, many of them come equipped with auto trailers so you can tow your car safely behind.  This is a great option if you will be driving a rental van anyway.  In addition to being a more cost effective option, you also have the ability to use your vehicle for extra storage space.

Ship Your Car
If you are uncomfortable navigating highways and side streets while towing a vehicle, you might be more inclined to have your vehicle shipped.  There are basically two options for shipping your car.  The most popular option is an open-air truck much like the ones you see transporting new vehicles.  This is a more affordable option and you can check with local shipping companies about how they transport between city hubs.  The second option is to use an enclosed truck.  This is a more expensive option but might be worth the extra money if you are going to be moving during the winter and you are concerned with damage to your vehicle. 

Hire a Professional Driving Service
If you aren’t concerned with adding the extra miles to your car you might consider hiring a professional driver.  There are professional driving services which provide experienced and insured drivers to move your car from city to city.  This might be a great option if you want to use your car for extra packing space for fragile items. 

 Whenever you are planning a cross country move, be sure and speak with a moving company to find the best deal for transporting your vehicle.  It is important to consider your budget, convenience, and safety when choosing which method to use for transporting your car.

Dusty Rhodes