Smart Summer Storage Ideas

by Dusty Rhodes on Jul 18, 2017  in 
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Summer is here and that means fun, sun, and…stuff!  It is the season for gardening, swimming, outdoor play, backyard barbecues, and kids coming home from college.  Along with all of these favorite summer pastimes come all of the accessories.  From shovels and pails to grill tools and toys, your home can quickly become cluttered with all of these seasonal items.  This summer, declutter your home and get organized with these smart storage solutions.  With these great ideas, you can discover how to keep your summertime gear in its place!

Store Your Gardening Gear
Gardening is a favorite summertime hobby for many but gardening tools can easily take over your garage.  Instead, try some of these simple storage solutions to keep your gardening gear neatly organized.  Hang a few small hooks in your garage to hold your shovels, rake, hoe, gloves, and hat.  You can also hang hooks on a porch wall or on the back of your home for a neat home for your garden accessories. 

Put Away Pool Accessories
We all know that pools require plenty of accessories including a net, vacuum, brush, and pool toys.  You can store these items neatly in a deck box.  Deck boxes are portable and easy to move so you can find they perfect spot on your patio while providing a storage solution for all of your pool items.

Organize Outside Toys
The weather is warm and that means the kids will be outside playing.  That also means you need to have a place for bats, balls, sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, and all of their other outdoor toys.  Grab some cute boxes and bins and place them on a storage shelf for a great way to store everything from footballs to Frisbees.  Label the boxes so the kids know exactly where everything belongs and the items will be easy to find. 

Gather Your Grill Tools
Everyone loves a good backyard barbecue in the summer but not everyone has a place for all of those grill accessories.  Use an outdoor rolling cart as the perfect storage solution for your grill tools.  You can store grills tools, cutlery, and spices in a handy rolling cart.  It can also double as a great cutting board for your meats and veggies.  You have a prep station and a storage solution all in one!

Cater to College Students
You might be anxiously awaiting the arrival of your child as they return home from college for the summer but are you ready for their belongings to take over your home?  Try storing clothing, blankets, and pillows in flat containers that can easily slide under the bed.  You might also consider renting a small portable storage container that can house their belongings for the summer.  It will keep their items safe while keeping your home free from all the clutter.

Don’t let clutter put a damper on your summer!  Try these great storage ideas to keep your home neatly organized and your belongings safe and secure.  You will be able to enjoy a relaxing summer with these simple storage tricks.

Dusty Rhodes