How to Properly Long-Term Store Golf Equipment

by Dusty Rhodes on Jun 19, 2017  in 
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Whether it is for business purposes, tournament play, casual time with family and friends, or simply the love of the game, golf is a favorite pastime for many.  Golf has been around since the 1400s and continues to grow in popularity.  To play golf properly requires a number of specific equipment items such as clubs, balls, tees, shoes, and carts, and most courses require a fee for each round of golf played unless you buy a membership.  Golf players should take proper care of their equipment to ensure it lasts for as long as possible.  At SMARTBOX, we strive to assist our customers however we can, and for many of our customers, we help meet their golf storage needs.

Pre-Storage- It is a must that you take the proper measures with your clubs and equipment before you actually put them into storage.  Wash everything especially your clubs with warm soap and water.  Set everything out and allow it to dry thoroughly before putting it away into storage.  In addition, make sure the inside of your golf bag is dry and moisture-free before placing your clubs in them for a long period of time.  If your bag has a protective cover for the top, make sure to securely place it over your bag.  To further protect your clubs, store them in the bag in an up-right, vertical position with the club head covers on them.

Put them in the House- Storing your golf clubs inside your house is a great long-term storage option.  Just be certain the area is a dry, temperature controlled area.  The attic may not be the best choice because when things are kept in an attic for an extended period of time, they are usually very susceptible to dust and rust.  One of the most important things to remember when it comes to storage of long-term golf equipment is to never leave them in the trunk of your car for an extended period of time. 

Long-Term Storage Unit/Facility- If you do not want to leave your golf equipment in your house for an extended period of time, check into a cost-effective and efficient storage unit or facility.  Storage units are most often climate-controlled and have the ability to keep items protected against all types of weather.  In addition, a storage facility is offered by many companies as a way to store items while in transition between locations, or this case, different times of the year.  Your things will remain safe and secure, and you will be able to gain access to your items whenever needed. 

Post Storage- It is important to check on your golf equipment periodically throughout the time of storage.  Once your storage time is over and you want to get the golf equipment back out again, remember to do your post storage checks.  Make sure that everything is in good shape and in good working condition.  Replace and restore items that are not up to par.  This will help ensure that you have the best chance of performing at your highest level possible.

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Dusty Rhodes