Creative Storage Ideas for 2017

by Dusty Rhodes on Jun 12, 2017  in 
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Clutter is a constant issue for many homeowners and storage solutions help to create calmer, cleaner, and more useful spaces. Even if you feel like you are running out of space in your home you can utilize every nook and cranny to create practical storage solutions.  It’s time to get creative and maximize storage by making use of every space in your home. 

Adorable Cubes
Clear off the floor by using open cubes in various sizes to create open storage.  Arrange the cubes any way you like and fill them with books, vases, boxes and more.  It will free up space on your floor while adding a dimensional look to your room. 

Make Good Use of Doors
You probably wouldn’t think of your doors as a means for storage but they can actually provide the perfect storage solution.   Attach vertical shelving to the inside of closet and pantry doors to create additional storage.  Your closet door is perfect for shoes, hats, scarves, and belts while your pantry door can be used for food items, cleaning supplies, or gift wrapping essentials.

Shelves don’t have to be built in nor do they have to be long and horizontal.  You can use narrow shelves in a small nook of the kitchen to house cookbooks. Add shelves to bedrooms to store books, pictures, and knick-knacks. 

Running out of closet space for towels and blankets?  Wicker baskets are an adorable way to house extra blankets and towels.  You can place them beside your couch or in your bathroom to neatly stow away those bulky items.  

We can all use a little organization for hats, coats, purses, and backpacks.  Get some stylish hooks and watch how easily you can transform a cluttered laundry room into a neatly organized space. 

Hide Your Storage
Find a pretty patterned table skirt and attach it to hide shelves and baskets that don’t need to be seen.  You still get the storage without compromising style. 

Tackle the Toys
If you’ve got kids you’ve got toys.  Don’t let your house succumb to the toy clutter.  Use labeled crates for storing toys and books. Stow away toys under the bed or in the closet in neatly organized baskets.  For the living room, choose an ottoman that doubles as a storage cubby for keeping toys neatly tucked away. 

Whether you are constantly stepping on your children’s toys, rummaging through messy cabinets, or shoveling your shoes back into your closet, the fact is we all have clutter.  Try out some of these simple and creative storage solutions to get your house orderly and clutter free!

Dusty Rhodes