Must Know Tips to Make Moving a Breeze

by Dusty Rhodes on May 15, 2017  in 
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Moving can be defined as the process of taking your belongings from one location to another in a safe and secure way.  It may sound easy and uncomplicated, but at times, moving your items becomes a live game of Tetris.  SMARTBOX is aware of this struggle, and our goal is to help make the moving process as effective and efficient as possible.  From our years of experience helping customers move, we have included several tips to help ease your moving process.

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes- After you decide to relocate, you must now begin the task of deciding the logistics of transporting your belongings.  One of the most common ways to pack your items is with boxes because of the wide assortment of sizes and shapes.  Boxes offer strength and durability, and they can be easily moved whether you pick them up or use a dolly.  To add convenience, many moving organizations offer boxes as part of their service packages.  If you are a frequent mover, you can save the boxes to make your next move easier.

Stay Organized- Organization should be a top priority during the moving process because it simplifies the unpacking process.  Have a notebook for all of your moving lists and notes so everything will be in one place.  Many of our customers find it helpful to number their boxes and make a list of what is in each box.  When you go to look for your child’s favorite book, you can easily find that children’s books are in Box #34.  Every box should be labeled, and many find it helpful to color code the labels with specific locations at your new destination (Kitchen= blue, Bedroom #1= red, etc.).  By using these simple techniques, you will help ensure all of your belongings stay organized which will be a great time-saver when you unpack.

Save Money on Packing Materials- The goal of any moving experience is to keep the cost down as much as possible.  A major way to accomplish this is through the use of cost-effective packing materials and items you already own.  Pillows, blankets, towels, and clothing items such as socks can be used to cushion and protect items during the moving process at no extra cost, and packing peanuts and bubble wrap are inexpensive packing materials that can be used to protect fragile items during the moving process.

Hire the Experts- If you really want to make moving a breeze, hire the experts and let them do the heavy lifting for you.  Many companies offer a one stop shop, no-hidden fee approach with their business model.  They will assist in any or all areas requested in the moving or storage process.  Do you need packing assistance? Transportation assistance? Portable storage containers?  The resources are made readily available to customers today, and all you have to do is ask.  This will definitely help make any type of transition as smooth and easy-going as possible.

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Dusty Rhodes