Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Ideas

by Dusty Rhodes on Apr 20, 2017  in 
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Spring is officially in the air! Flowers have begun to bloom, temperatures are on the rise, the sun is shining later into the day, and family-friendly activities are on the agenda – this is the time of year that many, many people love.  It always seems like there is something for everyone to do, no matter what your preference happens to be.  Of course, the coming of spring also means it is time for spring cleaning.  As always, SMARTBOX is here to help!  The information below is designed to give you quick and easy cleaning ideas to keep in mind as spring time approaches. 

Windows, Blinds, Light bulbs, and Fans- It is hard to imagine a residence without these particular pieces, and they are just some of the common areas that need to be touched up when spring comes rolling in.  You can keep windows clean with glass-friendly products such as Windex, and if you need to clean the outsides, a pressure washer or high powered hose are two things that can definitely get the job done.  When it comes to blinds, it is a good idea to wipe them down with some cleaning product on a dry sponge.  Make sure you dry the blinds well with a towel in order to prevent rust.  If you do not wish to replace your lightbulbs, you can always polish them with a small-fiber cloth dampened in water, but be careful not to get the metal screw portion of the bulb wet.  Lastly, it is always good to make sure to change the direction of the blades on your ceiling fans to counter clockwise in the warmer months.  This helps cooler air flow throughout the rooms in your home. 

Keep the Stains Away- As spring time approaches, many people will prefer to be outdoors enjoying the pleasant weather.  Picnics, festivals, and other gatherings are very popular during this time.  With all of these exciting events occurring, things are bound to get dirty from time to time.  Not to worry, however, because portable stain removers and other products like them have become a staple in the lives of those constantly on-the-go. Equipped with these stain-fighting sticks and pens, you will always be prepared to remove any unwanted odor or spot should an accident occur while out and about, or even around the home.

Protect the Floors- In your home, you definitely want to be sure to protect against scratches on floors, especially if those floors are hardwood.  Surface protectors for the bottoms of furniture legs are always good to have, and they tend to be fairly inexpensive considering what a great benefit they are.  Many of these protectors will help improve the look of your furniture, all while decreasing the wear and tear on your floor as well. Not only that, but they are also widely available and can likely be found at your local retail or hardware store. 

Clean out the Fridge- This task can be tedious and time consuming, but it is something that can make your life much more pleasant if you do it regularly along with the other spring cleaning tasks.  Soak up any spills you see as quickly as possible and clean out or replenish food on a regular basis, and you should be able to avoid having your fridge fall into the worst condition.  Every few months, it is also a great idea to take everything out of your refrigerator and wash the interior surface.  This can be done simply with baking soda and warm water.  Be sure to do this for any racks, drawers, and shelves you have in your refrigerator as well.  You can use a toothbrush or any other small cleaning tool you might have to take care of any hard-to-reach areas. 

Keep the Cleaning Supplies in Stock- Even though you will do initial cleaning toward the beginning of the spring season, this process will have to be repeated several times throughout the months ahead.  Always be sure to have ample access to your household cleaning supplies to make this process easier and much less stressful.  Glass cleaner, baking soda, vinegar, paper towels, Clorox wipes, and dusting materials are just a few things to always have on hand that will make getting into the cleaning spirit considerably easier should a situation arise. 

The upcoming spring season should be a fun and enjoyable time for everyone, and it can be much more enjoyable if you are able to get ahead of spring cleaning needs and return for touch-ups on a regular basis.  We hope that the above information will help you do just that.  For more information about SMARTBOX and our services, contact us at 1-877-627-8269 or continue to browse through our website. 

Dusty Rhodes