How to Move a Snake Successfully

by Dusty Rhodes on Apr 06, 2017  in 
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There are many things that have to be moved when you change locations. Furniture, clothes, decorations, kitchen ware, bedroom suits, and in-home fitness equipment are just a few things that may come to your mind. Of course, you cannot afford to forget about the family pet! Usually, there are a number of things you have to do to get your pet ready for the transition. This may be a tad bit easier on our furry four legged family members, but what about our reptile family members? One in particular slithers, hisses, and calls a cage home.  This popular pet is known as the snake.  Listed below are tips on how to properly relocate a snake into your new home successfully. 

Use a Cloth Bag/Pillow Case for Transport- When you take your snake out of its cage, put it in a cloth-type bag or pillow case.  Like many other animals, snakes get used to the environment in which they spend most of their time.  By using cloth material, this will keep your snake from becoming stressed during transport to a new location.  Once the snake is secure in the bag, you can take it a step further by placing the bag in a box.  Make sure that there is a way the reptile can get oxygen once it placed in the box.  Poking holes in the box is a very common practice when transporting a snake. 

Pack up the Cage- Once the snake is safely secure, then it is time to pack up its living quarters.  Empty the cage’s contents, other than dirt or mulch, into a separate box to carry with you.  You can replace dirt and mulch when you get to your new home. If your snake’s home is of the glass variety, wrap it in blankets or some type of protective coating in order to help prevent the cage from rubbing up against other items and becoming scratched or damaged.  

Making the Move- One of the easiest way to transport a snake is in the cab of a vehicle. It’s important to take note that you should always try and transport the snake in the cab, rather than in the back of a truck or trunk. Why? Because items in the back tend to move around during transport, making it less safe on the snake.  Also, never allow your snake to be in the direct sunlight and keep the air conditioner between sixty-five and seventy-five degrees. 

The New Home- A move to a new residence can be very stressful. Not just on you, but on your pets as well.  Just like humans, it takes any pet a certain amount of time to get acclimated to their new environment.  In order to make this transition as smooth as possible, it is important to make sure your snake’s new home is properly set up before you expose them to it.  This includes the right temperature, the correct amount of water and food, etc.  Once everything is set up in their new living area, your pet snake can slowly start to get use to their new environment.  Just like with people, keeping a snake calm during the entire process is essential to the overall success. 


We hope that the above information was beneficial to you as you go about relocating your pet snake.  If you would like any additional information on the services we have to offer here at SMARTBOX, please contact us at 1-877-627-8269.

Dusty Rhodes