Four Décor Items That Double as Storage Space

by Dusty Rhodes on Mar 31, 2017  in 
  • Storage Tips

At SMARTBOX, we know that our customers are always looking for innovative and creative ways to accomplish their goals. With this in mind, a large majority of our business is based around versatile storage options for our customers, some of which often require thinking that is outside the box. Many people like to decorate their homes with a variety of eye-catching objects and knick-knacks, but have you ever felt as though you are going to run out of storage space in your home, apartment, or condo? If your answer is yes, then the information below will provide you with some decorative options that also double as the extra storage space you need to properly organize your residence.

There’s a Whole Lotta Space in an Ottoman- While it’s certainly nice to kick your feet up on an ottoman when relaxing, it’s even better when you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing the furniture under your feet is saving you space. A large number of ottomans on the market today, while serving as comfortable decorations for the home, feature a surprising amount of storage space inside once the top comes off. Generally placed in living rooms and other areas where more time may be spent sitting, the right ottoman can help tie a room together while also serving as the perfect place for an arsenal of remote controls, extra cords or power strips, and even blankets that seem to find their way into the living room from time to time.

The Plan in the Mirror- Medicine cabinets fixed above bathroom sinks are nothing new nowadays, but there are other mirrors on the market that can store more than assorted pill bottles and some Band-Aids. Today, you can get your hands on full-length mirrors that not only allow you to fit your whole outfit into your pre-departure evaluation, but also swing open to reveal enough storage space for a collection of jewelry, an arsenal of beauty products, and/or other accessories such as scarves and headbands. Some of these mirrors are even made in such a way that, when closed, they appear to be nothing more than a run-of-the-mill mirror for reflecting on one’s choice of outfit.

Spice Up Your Shelving- We’re sure many people are familiar with the feeling of having far too many items crammed onto a set of shelves or bookcase, but there’s a way to tidy up the chaos while also improving the storage capacity of those shelves. By utilizing baskets, bins, or boxes that fall on the more visually appealing side of things, you can turn your cluttered shelf into a much more organized collection of containers that also add a decorative touch to whatever room they may be in. With the right choice of container, you can maintain order in any room, whether it be the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or even the living room.

Make the Best of Decorative Chests- Throughout the long history of valuable belongings, chests and trunks have been the go-to container for stowing treasured collections. Today, the story is more or less the same, although most trunks and chests are found in bedrooms or living rooms as opposed to an earthy hole for hiding. There are many different styles and looks to go with when it comes to these sometimes ornate containers, but even the most basic-looking trunk can be spiced up with a small amount of work. By decorating a plainer trunk or chest yourself, you can make sure that it fits in with the rest of your room more to your liking. Additionally, attaching a comfy cushion to the top of your preferred container can turn it into extra seating as well.

Many people enjoy adding expression to their rooms with decorative items, but you can add even more function to fashion by investing in decorations that can also be used for storage purposes. We hope that the items suggested above can set you on the right path toward organizing your room(s) in a more appealing manner. If you would like more information about the SMARTBOX experience, please contact us at 1-877-627-8269. We are here and ready to help!

Dusty Rhodes