How to Successfully Pack Up Your Home Items

by Dusty Rhodes on Mar 20, 2017  in 
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Oftentimes, there are many variables involved with the moving process.  One of the biggest questions that requires much attention is “How do I pack all my stuff up safely and efficiently?” Many people find that having the proper boxes and supplies are the answer to the art of packing everything in an orderly fashion.  If you decide to go this route, you may have to use an assortment of supplies and boxes to accomplish your goal.  Fortunately, our team at SMARTBOX is here to assist you not only by moving your items but also by giving you advice on preparation as well.  Below, you will find helpful packing tips to ensure your move is an overall success.

Use Foam to Protect Your Glassware Pieces- Glassware can often be a big part of the moving process.  Drinking glasses, plates, platters, and other fragile items are important to many people, so it is crucial to make sure everything is transported from point A to point B in one piece.  Foam can be a very effective asset to have when you are transporting glass objects to a new location.  Keep in mind, however, that there are several types of foam pieces, pads, separators, and compartments that can protect your glassware from breaking during your move. A “one type fits all” approach may not always be the best course of action. Choose wisely based on what particular items you are transporting.

Don’t Forget the Bubble Wrap, Especially on Larger Items- Yes, bubble wrap is used in just about every move at some point.  If you are like most people, it can be seen as a form of entertainment.  After all, who doesn’t enjoy the popping sound the bubbles make when you squeeze them? In addition to this, there is a more practical use for this type of material during the moving process.  Bubble wrap can act as a cushion for larger items that have to go down inside a cardboard box. At the end of the day, no one wants to see a scratch on their favorite big screen TV or other electronics after they’ve moved into their new home. 

Think Outside the Traditional Moving Box- One of the usual items that we all need to transport when relocating is clothes. With this in mind, choosing a reliable type of box to put your clothes in is something worth thinking about.  You may want to consider thinking outside the box and going beyond using typical cardboard containers to store your clothes.  Luggage carriers, garment bags, and suitcases are all good options to keep in mind. There are also transporting options available that will allow you to hang your clothes without having to actually take them off the hangers when it comes time to move them.  Whatever your final decision is, the primary goal is to get your clothes and other items to their new location without any damage. 

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Dusty Rhodes