Best Local Moving Practices of 2016

by Dusty Rhodes on Feb 16, 2017  in 
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If you are planning a DIY move, you have three primary options for transportation and storage: a rental truck, a portable storage container, or a “you load, we drive” moving company. Since 70% of all domestic moves in the US are intrastate, 30% of those moves use a portable storage unit like SMARTBOX, as well as obtaining assistance in planning the relocation from one of the best local moving companies.

If you are considering a portable storage unit, here's some helpful info and tips about what they are and how best to use them. In some cases a portable storage container may seem more expensive, but it addresses both movement and storage of your household goods. So, in determining if this is the right choice for you, you will need to take into account the expense of storage as well when comparing options.

What is a Portable Storage Container?
It is a storage container that is delivered to your home. You then pack it with your household goods, and the company picks it up and transports it to a storage facility or your new residence. This has become a popular and convenient method for moving, and it allows you to organize your goods as you see fit.

What are the Benefits of a Storage Container?
The primary benefit is its versatility. You load your household goods only once. You do not need to load a truck, unload the truck into a storage unit, reload a truck, and unload it once again to move your personal belongings into your new home.

When Should You Use a Container?
A storage container makes the most sense when you need to store your personal belongings prior to moving them to your final destination, regardless of whether you are moving locally or long distance. If you cannot move into your new home immediately, then a container is most likely your best choice. This is very common if you have sold your previous residence, but you are still searching for a new home. Or, you may be making a temporary move.

In addition, a portable container can be very helpful if you are renovating your current home, and you need additional storage space to get your personal items out of the way. You can keep the container onsite until the renovations are complete, or send to our storage facility for safe keeping.

Hiring Movers to Load and Unload
Although many people load and unload their own goods when using a portable storage unit, you can hire professional movers to help with the heavy lifting. This can be very helpful if you want extra assurance that your personal items are loaded securely prior to transportation and will save you time and energy! 

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