Unique Ways to Organize Your Home with Household Products

by Dusty Rhodes on Feb 13, 2017  in 
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When you are making a move or perhaps buying a new house, there are many things such as feelings of stress and tension that can go through your mind and overtake your thought pattern. When this occurs, it’s best to remember to remain positive and make the best of the situation. With this in mind, when you think of a common spice rack, you probably think of the obvious— something that can effectively organize your spices in your kitchen cabinet. Yes, this is true, but if you push yourself to think outside the box, there are many other things a typical spice rack can be used for. The same can be said with other common household products. Read on for some helpful and unique organizational tips you can use in your home using household products.

Easy-to-Use Laundry Room- When we think of a typical laundry room in a residence, we think of a space that needs to have enough room to store everything we need to keep our clothes clean. Yes, this can be true once you factor in the size of many washers and dryers, but there is an easy way to save space in the average laundry room. Consider using a kitchen storage towers in your laundry room, they can save you a ton of space! These towers can hold almost everything you might need, such as detergent and dryer sheets, and they can easily be stored between a washer and dryer.

Easy Access Food Pantry- Most people like to eat, and food is a basic necessity to human life. Every residence is usually equipped with an area where food can be effectively stored. However, depending on the size of your living quarters, you may have to come up with an innovative way to organize your pantry to create more space. One unique solution to consider would be a Lazy Susan. From dining room tables to pantries, there is no space a Lazy Susan hasn’t saved. This option is not only great for freeing up space, but for also allowing you the opportunity to have quick and easy access to your favorite foods.

Spacious Medicine Cabinet- If you need some extra storage space or need to better organize your current cabinet, a unique way to make this happen would be to use clear stick organizers. Just stick the organizer to the back of the door, and you will have the perfect place to store your prescribed antibiotics, over the counter medications, band aids, ointments and more.

Extra Bathroom Space- From brushing your teeth to showering, there are several items that need to be stored in your bathroom. That’s why it is important to keep this highly used space organized to keep it spacious and clutter free. With that in mind, a repurposed spice rack from the kitchen can spice up the look of your bathroom and add a ton of space to your counters. You could put any item that would typically sit on your bathroom countertop, such as shaving cream and razors, styling gel, or makeup, in these space saving racks. It is a unique way to create extra space in your bathroom in a cost-effective manner, while making your life much easier.


A fun challenge can be presented when you try to find innovative ways to use typical household items and products. We hope that the above information was beneficial to you as you go about searching for extra space ideas in your home. If you would like further information or would like to partner with us for your next move or storage need, please contact us at 1-877-627-8269. 

Dusty Rhodes