Tips for Storing Wine

by Dusty Rhodes on Dec 09, 2016  in 
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Are you a wine connoisseur? Regardless of the kind of wine you prefer, you will always want to look for ways to make sure your wine of choice stays as fresh as possible for a long period of time. Listed below are tips and suggestions on how to store your wine effectively.

Keep it in a Cool, Dry Area- It is important to always store your wine in a cool dry place that will allow it to remain at the proper temperature, preferably seventy degrees or less. Never store wine near a heat source such as a stove. If the wine is stored at a temperature that is too high, it will begin to get “cooked,” which will ultimately cause it to be unfit for consumption. If your wine ever smells like bad fruit or raisins, you are better off just getting a new bottle. Try to find a storage option that is user-friendly, with plenty of space, while offering a temperature-controlled environment that will protect your wine of choice for a long period of time.

Lay it on its Side- Yes that’s right, even though you may see wine selections standing straight up in stores, it is better in the long run to store wine on its side. Why you might ask? The wine cork helps serve as a protector for the liquid. With that being said, when wine is standing straight up, the liquid is not able stay in constant contact with the cork. This causes the seal of the bottle to loosen, which allows more oxygen to enter ultimately spoiling the wine. Constant cork contact with wine always keeps it sealed and fresh.

Be Gentle with the Bottle- No, it is not a good idea to shake your bottle of wine like athletes in a post-game celebration. Why? Because some wine experts believe that too much shaking of wine can cause long-term damage by speeding up and interfering with the chemical reactions in the liquid. For overall quality purposes, just remember to keep violent vibrations and shaking of wine to an absolute bare minimum whenever possible.


Many people love to enjoy a bottle of wine as a means of stress relief or to socialize with friends. Hopefully these tips will be beneficial to you as you go about storing your wine. If you would like additional information on other portable moving and storage topics, feel free to look through our Blogs.

Dusty Rhodes