Tips for Moving the Elderly

by Dusty Rhodes on Nov 18, 2016  in 
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Elderly loved ones, whether it be a grandparent or parent are the foundations of many families. Many times it seems like they are always there to offer their wisdom about different situations in life, or to physically lend a helping hand whenever needed. In all phases of life, regardless of age, there are times when changes must be made and you must adapt accordingly. With that in mind, listed below are several suggestions to consider when you have to make a move with an elderly loved one. 

Clear Communication- There more than likely will be many emotions that an elderly loved one will experience when they realize that a move has to be made. In many situations, there may be emotional or psychological ties involved with an old residence that will cause stress or sadness about leaving. Remember to be patient with them.  Make sure to give them enough time to mentally adjust to having to make a move. Also, make sure to have a thoughtful conversation about their new living situation and the positive changes or benefits it will offer. Do everything you possibly can to ensure that your loved one has a positive relocation experience. 

Make it a Family Affair- Get the whole family involved if possible. Not only will this speed up the speed up the process, but it will also allow everyone in the family to spend quality time together with the elderly loved one making the move. Spending more time with them will allow you and everyone else in the family to provide physical, mental, and emotional support during this potentially stressful time. 

Plan, Plan, Plan- Proper planning prevents poor performance. This holds true in all aspects of life, and making a move with an elderly loved one is certainly no exception.  Organize all belongings, call perspective moving companies, rent storage units. Do whatever you need to do to make your moving experience and strategy a success.  Have a specific plan with specific deadlines. This will allow everything to get accomplished on time and stress free. It will turn your relocation experience with an elderly family member into a time of enjoyment for everyone involved. 

Hopefully these are some helpful hints about moving an elderly family member, and assisting them with starting a new chapter in their lives in a positive way. For more information on our SMARTBOX portable moving and storage services, contact us at 1-877-627-8269 or visit our Blog for more moving tips.

Dusty Rhodes