Portable Moving Vs. Traditional Moving

by Dusty Rhodes on Nov 04, 2016  in 
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When you determine that you are going to need to relocate, many decisions have to be made. Where are we going to move? When are we going to move? What is our moving budget? And yes, you have to even think about portable moving containers versus traditional moving as a way of get your things from point A to point B. Listed below is some information about each of these types of moving methods in order to help you make the best decision possible.

Portable Moving
Portable Storage Units come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are very convenient for people to use. These moving containers allow you to organize your items by room or type, which will make unloading faster and easier. Things will never get mixed up. Another huge advantage with the portable moving option is in most cases, you will not have to rent an additional moving truck to handle transportation. Choose the portable moving and storage companies will take care of all driving for you. And of course, everyone wants to know about the financial part, right? How much is it going to cost? The best portable moving options include an up-front, no-hidden fee approach, while only charging you for the space you actually use.

Traditional Moving
Traditional moving companies also offer spacious options, and may even compare favorably with portable options on price. And, both may offer climate-controlled options, storage facilities, and weather resistant protection. However, traditional moving differs primarily because many companies charge you by the month to use them. Also, the traditional moving options will require you in many cases to handle the transportation on your own. You will have to rent the truck and in many cases, pay for the gas and insurance yourself.


Once you do your research, comparing each of these options, the final choice is up to you. You have to make the decision which of these moving strategies will best fit your particular situation. We hope that the information above will be helpful to you as go about your moving process. If you would like additional information on other moving and storage topics, please feel free to read through our additional Blogs.  

Dusty Rhodes