Tips For Moving to the Coast

by Dusty Rhodes on Oct 17, 2016  in 
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Will you be moving to the coast soon? Need some tips and advice about what to do in order to make you move a success? Read ahead to get our perspective on making every coastal move in the United Sates a success for everyone involved.

Data Verification- There are many different things that have to be changed, updated, and verified when making any move. Make sure you file for a change of address and notify anyone you owe bills to of the change of address. Additionally, retrieve all medical records, updating them if needed. Keep them in a safe and secure place during your moving process. And if children are involved with the move, make sure to notify their school of your moving plans. This will allow you to retrieve any academic and medical records the school may have.

Call the Movers- Start this part of the process as early as possible. How many miles will you be traveling? Do the moving companies handle transportation between locations?  Do they offer packing or storage assistance?  Questions like these need to be answered in order to allow potential moving companies to design a transition strategy designed to specifically meet your needs. Also, be sure to find out if companies offer traditional moving options or portable moving options.   

Animals and Automobiles- With any move, especially ones that involve longer distances, a considerable amount of thought must be given to any animals and automobiles you have. With animals, make sure to get their records from the vet, as well as any shots or medications they may need before the move is made. If you choose not to drive your car to your new location, find a cost-effective way to have it transported across state lines or the country.

Keep the Essentials Close By- Pack an extra bag that contains enough clothes and other daily essentials to get you through a week to a week and a half. This will allow you to take your time unpacking if needed. Also, if something should happen while your things are being transported between locations you will be able to survive thanks to the extra bag you packed with your accessible essentials.


Any transition process, regardless of the distance, will bring about new challenges and adventures. Hopefully these tips are useful to you as you make your move to the coast. If you would like any additional information on portable moving and storage, please visit our other Blogs.

Dusty Rhodes