How to Store Expensive Artwork

by Dusty Rhodes on Sep 16, 2016  in 
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When you are in the middle of a move, there are many things that you have to think about.  What to do with your clothes, kitchen appliances, lawn equipment, etc.  And yes, if you are an art enthusiast, you must stop and think, “How am I going to store, protect, and preserve my valuable artwork? Read further and find out how to do just that. 

Plenty of Packing Space- Make sure you have enough space when trying to store artwork. The more space you have available to you, the easier it will be to move the piece of art. If you are dealing with a larger piece of artwork, stack the planned packing box on top of other boxes. Doing this will allow you to pick the piece up more effectively without damaging it, as well as decreasing possible injuries that could occur. 

Proper Packing Paper- Bubble wrap or plain packing paper are good packing options when dealing with artwork. Both will prevent scratching, while providing protection.  In addition, using plain white packing paper will not stain your artwork. Paper with ink on it could cause your pieces of art to be stained. 

Fill Any Extra Space- Should you have any extra space left in boxes after your art has been stored, consider trying to attach long pieces of Styrofoam all the way around your artwork, or paper that will prevent movement by the piece during transportation. 

Label it- If you know that your pieces of art have the chance of being broken or harmed during a transition, label it BREAKABLE or FRAGILE. This will let moving personnel know that extra persuasions must be taken when handling these items. 

We hope that these packing and storing tips will allow you to continue to enjoy your artwork long after your moving and storage needs have been met. If you would like any more information on moving and storage, please see our other Blog topics. 

Dusty Rhodes