Five Ways to Make Moving Fun For Families

by Dusty Rhodes on Aug 04, 2016  in 
  • Moving with Kids
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Moving, fun, and families.  Yes, these words can be mentioned in the same sentence when talking about the relocation process. While many people often think of moving as a tiresome task, moving can actually be a lot of fun, especially when you complete the move with your family.

If you are a family, getting ready to move, here are some ways you can enjoy the process and pass the time:

Play Games
Playing games are a fun way to spend time with family and friends during the moving process, while making memories and building stronger family relationships.  Whether you play board games, a simple game of catch in the backyard, or even something as simple as paper-rock-scissors, there are many different family-oriented games that will allow you to have fun with your loved ones during the moving process. 

Family Dinners
The process of moving can be very strenuous creating quite the appetite. One of the ways you can satisfy the urge of hunger is with a family meal. Consider sharing a pizza with your family or sitting down for a more traditional family meal at a restaurant. Not only will you take care of your hunger, but you will also strengthen the bond of your family unit as a whole.  Eating a family meal together will allow you to feel rejuvenated physically, mentally, and emotionally, and it will allow your family to make quicker and smarter decisions during the moving process.  

Rediscovering Old Family Treasures
Finding lost items during a move can be a fun process in and of itself. Whether you discover an old family treasure while you are packing for your move or stumble upon a long lost item you forgot you had, this can bring back old memories that are fun for the whole family. The good news is, as you find and discover old family treasures, you can always incorporate them into your new home.

Having a costume party is a fun way to pack up clothing during the moving process. From dress clothes and casual clothes to hats and shoes, there are a variety of clothes that be used for a fun costume party as you move with your family. This will provide a sense of humor during the   moving process and allow you to make the moving process for both you and your family.

Make A Game Out of Your Resources
Making a game out of various different moving resources can be fun for the whole family. For example, popping bubble wrap or making tissue paper objects is a way to get the whole family involved with the moving process, while making moving fun at the same time. Fun for all ages, making a game out of the items you use for your move can alleviate a lot of the stress associated with the moving process, and turn it into one that the whole family can be excited about being a part of.

Of course, the games you decide to choose for your family are all up to you, and hopefully these SMART tips will make the moving process more enjoyable for you and your family. If you would like more information on moving or additional resources that will help you to complete the moving process, feel free to browse through our website, visit our Moving page or check out our Blog. We offer a variety of moving resources that will help you with all of your moving goals and needs, and we encourage you to check back for our newest Blog additions.

Dusty Rhodes