Five Benefits Storage Offers to Legal Firms

by Dusty Rhodes on Jul 15, 2016  in 
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Choosing the right attorney for a legal case can make all the difference in how your case is argued and whether or not your case is won. Yet before you even reach the point of your actual case, the first impression you receive of a law firm usually factors into whether or not you choose one firm over another to pursue your case further. So if you walked into a law firm that was completely cluttered, would that influence your decision about using that particular office? Maybe, maybe not, but one thing is for sure, clutter is an easy way to scare off potential clients at any business, making storage a great solution to help combat the issue.

If you are a legal firm, growing rapidly or a well-established law firm with years and years of cases behind you, chances are you have acquired a vast supply of case files. Regular office space does an adequate job of storing old paperwork and documents, but after a while, space can become a more limited, creating the possibility for a cluttered workspace. To avoid the hassle of clutter in your workspace, consider storage. Storage helps because it offers benefits that can help legal firms maintain their current case flow and gain additional space and organization in the process.

Consider the following five benefits storage offers to legal firms:

Stay Organized
Having an organized law office helps the entire legal practice. From attorneys and paralegals to office managers and other staff, law firms manage a lot of detailed documents and cases, and organization is a top priority. If office space becomes cluttered, this can greatly impact a case especially if an item cannot be located. Storage offers the benefit of providing additional space so that clutter can be stored away, and organization can be maintained.

Extra Storage for Old Files/Documents
Storage space can become limited for a growing law firm, especially as cases increase. One of the easiest ways to make sure you have enough office workspace is to store away old files and documents that may be taking up too much extra room. The benefit to this is that you will still have secure storage protection for important client files, as well as storage protection for archived case material.

Storage is ideal for law offices planning a relocation because it offers an alternative storage place for items that legal firms do not want to transfer to the new office space. Whether it is an old piece of furniture, or seasonal office decorations, storage can help keep potential clutter at bay during a law office relocation.

Secure Storage
Recognizing that legal firms deal with highly confidential information, it is essential that legal records and case information are securely stored at all times. Storage is actually a great way to keep important documents and files protected because storage facilities offer 24-hour surveillance protection on camera, on-site staff and security guards, as well as gate/card access into the facility. Each of these measures helps to ensure that stored legal document are protected by several layers of added security protection.

Room For Growth
Since relocation is not always an option for some law firms, storage offers a great alternative. For example, some law firms are conveniently located based on their longstanding client base, or the law firm has family ties to a certain area or history. In cases like these, relocation is not always a solution for a growing firm, but storage can be. Storage will allow historical law offices to remain in their present location for as long as they need to, while storage absorbs a lot of the office documents, files and various other items that need to be stored.  

While there is no law that says storage has to be used, one can make the case that it does offer beneficial help for legal firms. For more storage tips or storage resources, visit our Storage Blog or check out our Storage page.

Dusty Rhodes