Five Helpful Tips Before Moving Your Large Appliances

by Dusty Rhodes on Jun 15, 2016  in 
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Moving large appliances takes special care and preparation prior to moving day.  From making sure your appliances are protected and covered to making sure you have properly disconnected each plug or wire carefully, moving your large appliances correctly will help protect them during your move.

One of the easiest ways to get your large appliances moving day ready is to have all of your moving components and resources in place. A good tip is to first decide how your large appliances will be moved, then work your way through the moving process from there.

Seek Out A Professional Moving Company
Professional moving companies are trained in moving large appliances and they have durable equipment to protect your appliances during transport. While do-it-yourself methods can work, a professional moving team can help you to avoid strenuous injury trying to move large appliances yourself.

Moving companies are trained to know just how to move your large appliance through tight places, doors and around corners. They also usually come with special moving insurance coverage in the event something gets damaged during the moving process. This is not always the case if you have non-professional assistance helping you during your move. Any damage that occurs might have to be repaired by out of pocket expenses. Professional movers will know just how to navigate their way around potential damaging situations saving you from extra unwanted expenses in the long run.

Prepare For Rain or Shine
Large appliances are expensive, and making sure you protect them well during a move will prevent them from facing unnecessary exposure to bad weather in the event of a rainy moving day. Nothing is worse than a stainless steel refrigerator getting covered with rain. Professional movers have the equipment to package and wrap your large appliances carefully to avoid bad weather, scratched and damage.

If you are moving your large appliances yourself in bad weather, obtain a good, durable cover and make sure you have durable transport to move your large appliances to their new destination. While everyone always hopes for a sunny moving day, you can never predict what the weather will be like, and having a good plan of action can help to protect your large appliances.

Pay Attention to How Items Are Connected
With refrigerators, washers and dryers, proper reconnection is important. From having a proper water filter connection on your refrigerator to having your hot and cold water hoses connected correctly for washing laundry, it is important to pay attention to how your large appliance plugs are connected.

Recognizing that it may be difficult to see behind your washer and dryer or even refrigerator, make note of the connection when your professional moving team disconnects the equipment for moving. This will allow you to make any necessary notes about how to reconnect your large appliances once they are ready for set up at your new home.  

Remove all food from your refrigerator and freezer prior to transport. This will protect you from potential food storage illnesses. Clear out any ice that may be present in the freezer area. Melting ice can create a watery mess in your refrigerator and freezer. Plus large appliances are heavy enough and any extra weight can make the move harder to deal with. 

Disconnect your washer and dryer from outlets. Make sure all clothes are removed from your washer and dryer, as well as any cleaning detergent that may be present inside any compartments. While all of this may sound obvious, it is still a good idea to do so because you want to make sure that you transport your large appliances properly and safely.

Remove propane tanks from grills before transport regardless of whether your grill is going in a professional moving truck or in another type of vehicle. Grill tanks are highly flammable and take special precautions for moving and transport. The key point here is to remain safe during your move, and to move your large appliances in a safe and effective way.

Dusty Rhodes