Five Common Items People Forget When Moving

by Dusty Rhodes on May 24, 2016  in 
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With all the busy preparation and packing that goes into most moves, it can be easy to get so distracted that you forget something. Whether it is an item that you accidentally forget and leave behind, to forgetting to do something, moving can cause even the most organized individuals to forget something. The reasons for forgetting various items during a move can range anywhere from, a to-do list that gets packed or lost, to not having enough time to add an item to a list or not even thinking about adding an item to a list. Some of the most common items people forget may seem easy to remember, but during a move, packing and preparation can cause people to forget.

Here are five items people often forget during the moving process:

Changing utilities
While making sure your utilities are transferred to your new residence seems simple enough, it can sometimes be one of the most obvious items people forget when moving. Other moving preparations take over, you think someone else has handled it, and before you know it, moving day arrives and you are without your utilities. A good idea is to make sure that you keep an active moving list updated the minute you find out you are moving. Notate when you made contact, who you spoke to and also who in the family handled the task. If you live alone, have a family member or friend help remind you so that you won’t forget. Set a personal reminder on your phone or use a moving planner devoted specifically to your move. These measures will allow you to keep a running log of your move, and help remind you not to forget about your utilities.

If you are moving from a home, and someone else is assuming your property, it is important to leave behind the necessary keys he or she will need once they take over the property. While most closings on a home require former homeowners to turn in their keys, it can be easy to forget bringing all the keys that go with a home. Whether it is a separate key that opens one area of the house, or a different key to open another, it is important not to forget any keys that go with the property you are moving from. A good tip is to collect and gather up all of the keys associated with your home, so that you will not forget to leave behind any keys when you move.

Attic Space
Storing extra items in your attic works great while you are living in your home, but when you move out, it is important to make sure you do a thorough sweep of any items you may have forgotten and left behind. Attics are often out of sight and out of mind and the focus of packing is often primarily on the parts of the home visibly seen. A good tip is to start packing up your attic first, so that you know it is clear, clean and nothing is forgotten. If you have a larger attic or multiple attics, try to start packing up your attic several weeks in advance of your move, so that you will have enough time to properly pack, sort, donate or sell any items you don’t wish to move.

Change of Address
Updating your address is one of the easiest items to complete, but often one that people forget. Once you determine what your new address will be, make provision to have your address changed across all your personal documentation, credit holders, identification, contacts, employer, medical providers, insurance carriers and any other places where you need to have updated records.

Exterior Items
If you are in the process of moving, it can be easy to forget about items on the exterior of your home. From patio furniture to items stored in an outdoor shed, consider your entire home when you pack up and move. A good tip is to section your move out by interior, rooms and exterior items. Take inventory of what you have to move, and set reminders to remember to pack up your exterior items. This will help you to organize your move and help ensure that you don’t forget and leave any items behind.

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