Five Ways Storage Can Keep Your Home Office Clutter-Free

by Dusty Rhodes on May 13, 2016  in 
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Having a home office is convenient, but it can also introduce an accumulation of clutter into your home. If your home office is growing, along with an issue of clutter, it might be time for you to consider getting a storage unit. A storage unit will allow you to continue expanding your home office, without losing your valuable living space to unwanted clutter.

To help you maintain an organized office, here are five ways storage can help you stay clutter-free:

Extra Filing Space
Filing space is often limited in regular office buildings, so running out of room for home office files is not uncommon. To help conserve space in your home office, consider storing some of your old files in a storage unit. Your storage unit can act as an additional extension of your office, allowing you to store the files you need without cluttering up your home office space.

A good tip is to remove all of the files you’re not using from previous years, and place those files in storage. You can always go to your storage unit and retrieve files as needed, but at least this way, you won’t clutter up your current working office space.

Space For Supplies
Office supplies are an essential component of any office. Depending on how many supplies you use and order on a regular basis, a storage unit can offer you additional storage space to store all of your needed office supplies. From paper and binders, to various other office needs, your main goal is to keep your home office clutter-free.

Consider storing items that you use in bulk. This is a double benefit because you will have plenty of room in storage to store your bulk office supplies, and you can reduce the frequency in which you have to place orders and pay for shipping. This is a win-win for your home office business needs.

Room For Expansion
If the only signs of growth for your home office is the clutter surrounding you, take action and try using a storage unit. A storage unit is a creative way for you to expand and grow your business without losing any square footage in your home. For example, instead of moving your office space into additional rooms in your home, use a storage unit to house various office items as you grow and expand your business.

Maybe you are considering taking on additional projects in your home office. Avoid clutter by storing extra items in a storage unit so that you don’t have a cluttered mound of papers, books and files stacked up, all over your home office. This will help your home office to grow in business, as opposed to clutter.

Old Furniture
Decorating your home office can range from simple to complex. If you have old furniture that you want to keep, but it is too bulky to remain in your current home office, store it. Storage units are ideal for bulky furniture and they help to prevent a cluttered office of mismatched furniture and limited space to move around. Enjoy adding the new pieces of furniture you want to your home office, knowing that your old furniture is still there when and if you need it. 

An organized office is an effective office, and your home office should be clutter-free. If you have trouble finding items you need or you are unprepared for meetings and presentations due to too much clutter, try getting a storage unit. This will allow you to store away items that are creating clutter in your home office, and enable you to get back on track with your business.

Hopefully, each of these ideas will help you to keep your home office clutter-free so that you can stay productive and organized. For more storage tips or ways you can make storage work for you, visit our Storage page or check out our Blog.

Dusty Rhodes