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by Dusty Rhodes on Apr 26, 2016  in 
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Moving can be a tiring and stressful task at any age, especially for seniors who may have to move from the only home they have known for years. From losing a spouse to the inability to live alone anymore, the reasons for a senior move vary. If you are a senior, and you and your family are in the process of discussing a move for you, there are helpful moving resources available. Each resource is designed to help assist senior relocations with the hope that the moving process will be a little easier, less tiring and less stressful.

To help aid in the effort, we have compiled a list of helpful resources available to assist seniors during the moving process. 

Storage Services
Ideal for senior moves, storage services provide a safe and secure storage option for seniors who are relocating or moving. Whether the move is a local move or a long distance move, storage services offer a place for seniors to store family objects they still want to hold onto. Whether a senior is moving in with family or a senior is moving into a nursing home or assisted living facility, there are items that cannot be moved into the new location of residence. In many cases, this can evoke stress for seniors who are not sure as to which items they want to keep and which items they must donate or give away. Storage allows seniors the opportunity to hold off on stressful decision making and focus on getting through the transition of the move and  relocation process itself. Storage units are also secure, spacious and provide an ideal environment for seniors to store all the belongings they need to.

Senior Moving Managers
Depending on the size of the move, it may be necessary to get extra help with packing and preparing for a senior move. Senior Moving Managers specialize in helping seniors to pack up their homes. This can be beneficial for family members and relatives who may live in another city or state and have work obligations preventing them from being able to help with the entire packing process.  Senior Moving Managers can help with a variety of moving tasks such as sorting, organizing, donations and any other tasks that go with the preparation for a move. Senior Moving Managers are a great resource for senior moves and can be found locally or via the National Association of Senior Move Managers.

Senior Relocation Services
Organizations that specialize in real estate and relocation services for seniors are a great resource for seniors who are moving. Senior relocation firms have the ability to find real estate firms that will work with seniors as well as their families to help find the best place for a senior loved one to move. From downsizing to locating a great retirement community, there are several moving and real estate services available to help seniors.  

If you are a senior trying to find a new home or you are a family member assisting a senior loved one with a relocation, a good resource is The National Care Planning Council. This particular organization provides a more detailed look at senior relocation services that are available nationwide. You will get a state by state look at real estate companies that are trained to assist with senior moves and senior services.

We hope that each of these resources will help you with everything you need as you prepare to move. For additional moving resources and helpful moving advice, visit our Moving page, check out our Blog or browse through our website.

Dusty Rhodes