How to Move Personal and Sensitive Documents

by Dusty Rhodes on Mar 08, 2016  in 
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When it comes to moving, there are several important details that accompany the moving process. From choosing a moving resource to getting all of your belongings packed, a lot goes into a move. One of the most important details to consider as you prepare for your move is how you will move personal and sensitive documents. After all, in a day and age where identity theft is an issue, it is important to have precautionary measures in place to help protect your personal and sensitive information.

If you are in the process of planning a move, and you have personal documents, consider some of the following tips on how to move sensitive information.

Choose A Good Moving Company
Do your research and choose a moving company with a trustworthy and reliable record. Check your local listings, reviews and referrals from those who have used a particular moving company before. You want to make sure that whoever moves you will protect your items. If you are not using a professional moving company and you get help from individuals, always make sure you know who is moving you and your belongings. Well-meaning friends and family may invite a few extra friends to help with your move, but you should always know who is handling your personal belongings, especially if they are highly sensitive in nature.

Sensitive Documents
We all own personal documentation. Items such as birth certificates, passports, credit cards, marriage licenses, bank statements, tax records, social security cards and more, are all sensitive documents that contain important personal information. A key point to remember is that when you move, all of your belongings move, including your personal documents. Knowing that in advance, consider how you pack and prepare sensitive data. Shredding is a great option if you have documents that contain your social security number, but are no longer needed. Carrying your documents yourself works well if the items contain personal identification records that are still being used. The benefit is you will still have an account of where your information is at all times, and protect it in the process.   

Password Protection
Protect various electronic devices with a password so that you cut off access to those items during the move. You can always remove the password later, but it helps to add another layer of protection for your belongings.

Write down serial numbers of electronics to ensure that you have an accurate and detailed moving inventory list, in the event the unthinkable happens. The better you plan, the easier it is to prepare for any and all unexpected occurrences.

Protect Your Mail
This tip is huge. Protecting your mail is one of the most important things you can do during the moving process. Stop your mail if you do not have access yet to your new home address. This will cease all mail from accumulating in your old mailbox and eliminate any temptation for identity thieves waiting to steal your mail.  Have your mail forwarded. This can usually be done prior to your actual move. All you will need is a forwarding address to ensure that your mail is delivered to where it needs to go. Try using paperless billing options so that you avoid having paper envelopes and statements sent to your old address. You can manage your accounts online, and protect your personal and sensitive information in the process.  

Having a big throw out is not uncommon during the moving process, but you want to be especially careful about throwing away items that contain personal and sensitive information. Consider shredding those items instead. Shredding immediately destroys the document, and helps to protect you in the process.

Most moves are completed without any issues at all, but we always want to remind you of important tips to consider and add to your moving process. We hope that your move will be a great one, and if you need additional moving tips or resources, check out our Blog, Moving page or visit our website.

Dusty Rhodes