Winter Storage Tips For All Your Outdoor Hobbies

by Dusty Rhodes on Feb 09, 2016  in 
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Having a hobby is a great past time, one that offers fun and a new experience to enjoy. While many hobbies can be enjoyed indoors, the winter season brings a pause to several outdoor hobbies, as well as the question of where various equipment will be stored. If you are an outdoor hobby enthusiast and you are facing an issue of limited storage, consider some of the ways storage can help and free up some additional space in the process.

Winter storage works great for:

Outdoor Grills

Grilling meals is a delicious way to enjoy the spring, summer and fall, but the winter months can sometimes interfere with cooking meals outdoors due to snow and colder temperatures. A good way to protect and preserve your grill is to place it in storage during the frigid winter season. This is especially a good idea if your grill is located on an uncovered patio or backyard area. As an important safety measure, be sure to remove any flammable items from your grill prior to storage so you follow all storage safety guidelines.

Lawn Equipment

With the leaves off of the trees, and the grass waiting for the next spring cut, lawn equipment is another outdoor item that can easily be stored away for the winter season. From lawn mowing equipment and gardening tools to other types of outdoor lawn equipment, freeing up space using winter storage is a great way to enjoy the winter season with plenty of room.

Patio Furniture

Outdoor patio furniture is another item that sometimes has to brave the elements of a cold and snowy winter. Depending on how much room and space you have can mean all the difference between having your patio furniture look great this spring or buying a brand new set of furniture due to the aftermath of winter snow, ice and weather. To help save your backyard look, try placing your patio furniture in storage so that you can preserve it and keep it looking like new when summer returns.


While bicycle riding can be done all year round, the winter months tend to produce a decrease in cycle riding time. For that reason, to cut down on the amount of clutter in your home, try placing your extra bicycle equipment in storage so that you have extra room in your home.


Perhaps you enjoy rafting or boating but you have limited space to store sporting items from the warmer months. Consider getting a storage unit which will provide you with more space in your home for the winter and allow you to protect your rafting gear until you are ready to use it again.

Tents/Hiking Equipment

If you have hiking equipment from the summer that is taking up room in your home, storage offers a great solution. Ideal for large items like tents, storage will give you ample room to store as much as you need to and still leave extra room for additional items.

Water Skis/Surfboards

If you live in a climate where the weather is great all year round, but you still encounter issues with space in your home during the winter months, get a storage unit and gain extra room and living space. Outdoor hobbies like surfing and jet skiing are fun but can take up a lot of room, storage wise. A storage unit can allow you to still enjoy your favorite pastime, without losing any room in your home. As an added benefit, you can utilize storage all year round and change out items as needed when the activities you enjoy change.

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Dusty Rhodes