How Storage Can Help A Cluttered Office

by Dusty Rhodes on Jan 26, 2016  in 
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Has your office or work space become filled with clutter? Are you struggling to find a clear area to complete your work? If you answered yes to either of those questions, the good news is that there is a solution that can help you clear the clutter and maintain a clutter-free work environment. Whether you have one too many pieces of furniture or a high volume of unused files, offices can become cluttered. So what is the solution to a cluttered office? Storage. If you are looking to clean up and clear out various areas of your work space, here are some ways that storage can help.

Desk Area

Desks are one of the number one places that become cluttered in an office area. From miscellaneous stored items to desk drawers full of files and papers, desks often become some of the most cluttered work spaces. If your desk is covered and filled with too many items, perhaps storage can help you. Consider looking at what types of items are cluttering your desk. If it is papers and files, evaluate how often you are referencing them.

For files that you readily need, keep those on hand, but if you have accumulated a lot of dated and unused files at your desk, consider placing them in storage. Perhaps you don’t think you have enough files to fill up a storage unit. In that case, find out if some of your other co-workers are experiencing the same issue or have a need for storage too. Collectively, try to get a storage unit so that unused files can be archived and stored away for reference at a later date. This strategy can help alleviate some of the clutter that tends to gather around desks and make the area appear a little more organized.

If a storage unit is not an option for you, consider other ways that you can store items out of the way of your desk. Try converting a different area within your office into a space designated specifically for files and needed papers. This can serve as a storage area and help you to clear away bothersome clutter surrounding your desk. Keep in mind though, if you do add storage space to your office, at some point you will need to revisit the amount of items you are storing to prevent creating yet another cluttered space in your office.

File Cabinets

File cabinet areas are one of the number one places that often become cluttered within an office. From trying to store too many files to lack of filing space, the origins of clutter can come from many different areas. The solution? Store files in a storage unit. Think of your storage unit as an archive. Storage units offer secure, climate-controlled protection for your important documents, and you will still have the ability to access them whenever you need them.


Office closets are ideal for storing items, but what happens when the closets become full? If the closets you have been using are now cluttered with too many items, it may be time for you to consider getting an actual storage unit so that you avoid storing items in other areas of your office space. From holiday decorations to older pieces of office furniture, sort through the items you can send to storage so that you will not develop a clutter problem at your office.



Having an office is convenient, but if you find that you have too many items stored within your office, you might want to consider storage. Storage will enable you to remove any unnecessary items that are taking up valuable space within your office area. Whether you have accumulated too many boxes and files, or added one too many pieces of furniture, office space can quickly become cluttered.

Take inventory of items that are currently crucial to your everyday business needs, and then remove the items that you do not use so that you can free up additional space and room within your office. You will find that this is a helpful way to help your work space whether you have a traditional office or home office.

A cluttered-free office can be achieved, and if you would like additional storage tips for your office, home or other storage needs, visit our storage page, blog or feel free to browse through our website for some of the many ways that storage can help you stay clutter-free.

Dusty Rhodes