Planning A Toy Drive? Try Portable Storage

by Dusty Rhodes on Dec 07, 2015  in 
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With the holiday shopping season just around the corner, many organizations are looking for ways to give back during the upcoming holiday season. From feeding the hungry to providing clothing donations, there are many different ways to make a difference this holiday season. One of the most popular events during this time of year is hosting a toy drive. The great benefit to toy drives is that they provide toys for children who may not have the opportunity to otherwise receive one. If you are a member of a company, community or retailer who would like to plan a toy drive this holiday season, consider some of the ways that portable storage can assist you with your efforts.

Organizing a toy drive via your company business can be completed with ease using portable storage options. Portable storage offers a place for you to store as many toys as you would like, giving you the room you need for your business, and the space you need to collect items for your toy drive. From on-site delivery and pick up, to convenience and flexibility, you can create a toy drive that will provide opportunities for your company to give back during the holiday season.

Portable storage provides ample space, but will not take away from your work space, providing a way for you to maintain the functioning space of your business.

Often times, the impact of a collective effort is far more reaching when planning a toy drive. From participating stores and schools to neighborhoods, families and individuals, a community effort can make a big difference in the planning and preparation for a toy drive. If you are organizing a community toy drive, portable storage is a great way for you to store all of the toys that your community donates and gives.

Portable storage is easy to transport, making the transportation process from donating to giving that much easier. If your toy drive is expansive, the good news is that portable storage units are plentiful, allowing several members of your community to get involved with the giving process.

Since portable storage containers are easily transported, you can have multiple donation locations where members of your community can drop off toys. The benefit to this is that your toy drive can have an even greater impact and reach more people who would like to donate.


Perhaps you are a retailer who would like to donate toys, or maybe you would like to plan a toy drive during the holiday season. Portable storage is a great way for you to collect all of the toys that you would like to donate without losing retail space. Storage is all about space, adding space, and portable storage is all about adding space in a convenient and portable way. As your holiday inventory grows and expands, a portable storage unit will help allow you to keep track of what you will donate, and what you have for your current store inventory. You will be able to give as much as you choose with the security of portable storage protecting all of your donated toys. We hope that your toy drive will be a great success, and if you would like additional information on the many ways portable storage can help, as well as more storage resources, visit our Storage page.

Dusty Rhodes