Reasons Why Portable Storage Saves You Money

by Dusty Rhodes on Nov 05, 2015  in 
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Portable storage is a convenient and easy way to utilize the benefits of self-storage. From the convenient delivery and pick up options to the flexibility portable storage provides, there are many reasons that help make portable storage a beneficial choice for a self-storage option. One of the greatest benefits that portable storage provides is the ability to cut down on some of the costs associated with traditional storage methods.

To compare, here are a couple of reasons why portable storage saves you money:

Save on Transport Fees

Moving can be expensive, often drawing on both your wallet and your time. While some of the best moving budgets can sometimes be created, even the best thought out moving plans can end up costing a lot once your move is completed. Add in storage, and you immediately have additional costs that also factor into the move. With portable storage, you can save money on having to rent a separate moving truck, in addition to your storage unit, which can be costly depending on when you need it and for how long.

Since portable storage units usually double as both moving containers and storage units, you gain savings by having all the expenses rolled into one.  With the convenience of storage delivery directly to your location, you avoid having to pay for both a moving truck and your storage unit. Portable storage allows your items to be picked up and delivered directly to you, alleviating the need for additional moving truck charges and expenses that might accrue.

Save on Fuel

With the cost of fuel prices constantly changing, going back and forth to your storage unit can generate extra fuel costs. Portable storage saves you money on fuel costs because you avoid having to pay fuel costs for your car, a moving truck or other means of transport to and from your storage unit. Portable storage allows you to avoid having to transport your belongings and items yourself, making it easier to save money on fuel costs.

Save on Mileage

Whether you choose to use a moving truck to transport your belongings or you choose to move your items to and from storage using your own vehicle, mileage can add up, especially if it is on your own car or you are watching the mileage on a moving truck. Portable storage takes mileage out of the picture because you avoid having to worry about how many miles you are adding to your vehicle or going over the allotted mileage if your moving truck company does not offer unlimited miles. 

Dusty Rhodes