How to Move in Rainy Weather

by Dusty Rhodes on Oct 29, 2015  in 
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You’ve packed and planned. Your family and friends have agreed to help you move on a certain date. You have to be out of your apartment or home by a certain date, and changing your move is not an option. Moving day arrives, and with it, comes inclement weather. So what do you do if all your moving reservations and help are set, but the forecast is less than perfect for your big move? The answer to that question will vary, depending on the nature of the weather, and the potential safety risks posed to you or the individuals helping you to move. Realistically, certain weather scenarios will pose less of a threat than others, and it is always wise to use caution first. For moves that unfortunately fall on rainy days, there is hope for you to still complete your move.

If you are facing a move in rainy weather, here are a few SMART tips to help with the process:

Proper attire

Wearing proper attire is important if you are moving during rainy weather. Choose firm shoes with a good solid grip and traction so you won’t slip and fall. Since holding an umbrella may not always be an option if you are carrying moving boxes, a heavy rain jacket with a hood will provide extra cover and protection if you are moving during a cooler, rainy month. A lighter rain jacket with a hood will provide you with hands-free rain protection during warmer, rainy days.

Covered parking

While this may sound obvious, try to park as closely as you can to a covered area. During the rain, this will provide you with a shield so that you can move items in and out of the moving truck without getting drenched with rain. If your moving truck is smaller, back up your moving truck as closely as you can to the opening of your garage. This will cut down on the amount of distance between moving items from your garage area and the truck and vice versa. For a larger moving truck that will not fit in a driveway, utilize plastic drop cloth, as well as water resistant material that will cover certain items such as wood or leather and electronics. The main goal is to create a protective barrier between your items and the rain. If you are in an apartment, and you do not have a driveway or a garage, try to park your moving truck as closely to your apartment as you can so that again, you cut down on the amount of distance your items have to travel in the rain during loading.

Get creative

Since covered parking is not always an option, get creative with the resources that are available. If you have a group of people helping you, utilize the extra hands and create your own cover for your items. Ask a couple of people helping you, to help hold plastic drop cloth over items that cannot be wrapped or covered to create your own tent of cover from your home to the moving truck. While this may seem like a little extra effort, it can be helpful and beneficial to adding extra protection against the rain on your moving day.

We hope that your moving day forecast will be clear and rain free, but if you do end up encountering some rainy weather, we hope these tips will help you to have some added protection against the rain. . If you would like additional information on moving and the resources that we offer, visit our Moving page.

Dusty Rhodes