How to Make Moving Comfortable For Your Pet

by Dusty Rhodes on Sep 28, 2015  in 
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The moving process can be an overwhelming task for humans, so imagine what the moving process is like from your pet’s point of view. Pets, like humans, grow accustomed to their familiar surroundings, and a move uproots the normal routine and way of life your pet may be accustomed to. If you are in the process of planning a move, keep in mind the following tips so that you can make the moving process comfortable and easier on your pet.

Plan Ahead

Proper preparation is key with any move, especially if pets will be moving too. Making sure that your pet has everything he or she needs will help your pet to feel more comfortable with the move. While you will be the most familiar and recognizable aspect during the move, setting aside various items your pet uses will allow your pet to have a sense of additional comfort. From a favorite toy to a favorite treat, keep items present during the move, travel and settling in phase of the move so your pet will feel comfortable.

Before your move begins, set aside time that you will devote to packing items for your pet. This will allow you to have more time to consider what your pet will need through the moving process. In return, you won’t have to pack for your pet at the last minute, which could result in possibly packing up something your pet will need during the move.


Moving can get hectic, and it is important to make sure your pet still maintains a proper eating schedule so that he or she will feel comfortable during the moving process. Make provision for nutritional meals especially if your pet is on a special diet and you make pet food for your pet. Keep the ingredients and preparation cookware you need, unpacked until the moment you are ready to leave, so that you can still properly prepare food for your pet.

Continue to take your pet on walks, so that your pet remains comfortable, as well as healthy. If you are overwhelmed with the moving process and your time is limited, consider asking a family member or friend if they can take care of your pet while you move, or look into boarding your pet for a day or two so that you can ensure that your pet is cared for during the moving process.

Other options include utilizing the services of portable moving containers which are beneficial because they are delivered directly to you, you pack at your own pace, and the transport to your next destination is completed for you, helping you to have the ability to focus more on the comfort needs of your pet and your move.


Depending on where you are moving to, various vaccinations and shots may be required beforehand to ensure that your pet will be safe from exposure to certain types of illnesses. Just as humans take precautionary measures to ensure that they are vaccinated to avoid certain diseases, it is also important to make sure that your pet is protected as well. Prior to your move, have your pet examined and vaccinated if needed so that your pet will feel comfortable as he or she transitions to a new place, without becoming sick or ill.


If your pet takes medication regularly, make sure that you continue to give your pet his or her medication on time. It is easy to get busy and distracted with the details of your move, but your pet is relying on you to keep him or her on their usual routine since any disruptions in medication could result in the discomfort of your pet.  In advance, make sure that you have enough medication for your pet to last you during and after your move. This is especially important if you are moving to another city, state or country and your pet will need to be established with a new veterinarian before additional medication can be dispensed. All of these tips for your pet’s medication will help to ensure that your pet stays healthy during the moving process, as well as help your pet to avoid any issues with pain or allergies.

Keeping your pet comfortable during the moving process is important, and we hope that these tips will help you to do just that as you plan and prepare for your next move. For additional tips on moving, check out our Movingpage.

Dusty Rhodes