SMARTBOX Vs. PODS®: What’s the Difference?

by Dusty Rhodes on Aug 24, 2015  in 
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Smartbox Dimensions

The portable storage market has emerged strongly onto the self-storage scene, forever changing the way individuals view their choice of self-storage options. Two portable self-storage options that remain in the forefront of portable self-storage are SMARTBOX and PODS®. While both provide portable storage options, there are distinct differences that separate the two. 

So, what is the difference between SMARTBOX and PODS®? Here are a couple of ways SMARTBOX differs from PODS®. 

While PODS® containers do come in three different sizes, the height of each container is listed at 8’ tall, creating a higher distance to reach and pack items into the PODS® storage container.  SMARTBOX containers have a height of 7’ tall, offering an easier, safer and more convenient reach to the top of the SMARTBOX storage container. 

Each SMARTBOX container is built the same size, providing easy attachment onto the mobile transport SMARTBOX truck, a helpful benefit for long distance and interstate moving. All SMARTBOX containers are designed for both long distance and local transport. PODS® containers can also be transported local and long distances, but since all of their container offerings are not available for long distance moves, proper space allocation must be carefully considered.

The SMARTBOX container’s easy to use size provides optimum protection against shifting and breaking due to its dimensional design. While PODS® does offer larger portable options, it requires taking more precautionary measures to secure items that may shift more easily. The larger the storage container, the more the container takes on the transport feel of a traditional moving truck, challenging the idea of what the difference is between traditional moving and the innovation of portable storage design.

The design of the SMARTBOX is key in how it functions as a portable storage unit, and the design of the SMARTBOX container is different from the PODS® container. The SMARTBOX container is made out of a breathable wood base structure that allows air to circulate within the box whether it is placed in climate controlled storage or not. Secured with a sturdy, solid waterproof and weatherproof canvas, it provides a durable amount of protection against the elements and the ability for items to avoid that stored, closed up feel.  With SMARTBOX, storage protection is effective with or without the ability of ambient light to pass through the storage container, since the unit can breathe.

When it comes to storage, SMARTBOX understands that a well-designed storage unit is important both for our customers, as well as their belongings. While each style is different, we support the storage process, and we strive to be the best we can be for you! Quality is our main goal, and we are dedicated to providing you with storage you can count on.

Dusty Rhodes