How to Store Precious Antiques

by Dusty Rhodes on Jul 14, 2015  in 
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Collecting antiques is a special hobby, but it is important to make sure that your antiques are properly stored and cared for so that they maintain their look and value. If you are an antique collector, and you are looking to place some of your valuable keepsakes and finds into storage, it is important to follow a few important guidelines so that your antiques will be preserved while they are kept in storage.

First, be sure to add a protective polish. This is a good idea for wooden furniture or items that have a wood grain finish. A polish will help to seal and protect the finish. After a good polish, place a protective covering over the antique wooden piece to avoid scratches or wearing of the item.

For antique plates and dishes, make sure they are covered in protective bubble wrap, protective cushioning, or scratch free packing paper. It is important to cover delicate and fragile items with a protective covering to avoid potential breakage. After all, you want to keep your antiques in optimum condition to protect their history and value.

Choose a climate controlled storage unit for antique items. This is helpful because you will avoid running into temperature issues during the hot, summer months and the cold frigid winters. By choosing a climate controlled storage unit, your antiques will be stored at an even temperature preventing splits, cracks or wilting and wear.

Be careful not to store heavy objects on top of your precious antiques and keepsakes. This is important so that items with heavier weight will not crush or break your delicate antiques. If you are storing other items in your storage unit, along with your antique items, be sure to separate out your antiques from your other stored items. Label your box well so that if the contents have to be moved or shifted, nothing will be broken in the process.

Get insurance for your storage unit, as well as for your antique item. While the hope is that nothing will ever happen, there is always a chance that an unforeseen incident can occur, damaging or even destroying your antique item. Having insurance is important, both for the item being stored, as well as for the storage unit where the item is stored. Have your antique items appraised in advance of storing them so that you will have an accurate assessment of what they are valued at and what they are worth. Once you know, be sure to make sure your items are insured properly. It is still important to take every safety precaution by keeping your antiques protected, locked and secured, but insurance is an additional important safety measure.

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