What is the Best Time to Move?

by Dusty Rhodes on Jul 10, 2015  in 
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Choosing the best time to move, usually depends on various different factors, including convenience, affordability and scheduling. Whether you are moving on a certain day of the week, or a certain time of the year, there are times that work better for moving, allowing your move to go smoother. 

If you will be moving in the upcoming future, consider the following tips as you plan out your move:

Tip 1: Move on a week day

Moving on a week day is a great idea, especially if you are moving out of or into an apartment complex. Logistically, apartment complexes tend to be more crowded during the weekends because most people are home, making it harder to gain access to loading and moving dock areas. By moving during a week day, most people are at work, freeing up valuable parking spaces directly in front of your building, as well as room to complete your move a little easier. While it may mean taking a day off or using vacation time, you still gain the convenience of being able to move in or out more easily, making your moving process actually go faster.

If you are moving out of or into a home, moving during the week provides you with a little more privacy, especially if you are taking out your furniture and other personal belongings. While the time will present itself for you to introduce yourself and your décor to your neighbors, you may not be ready to do so on moving day.  With fewer people at home, you have the ability to move all of your items into your home, with additional privacy.

A week day move is convenient because you are more likely to have all of the available moving equipment you need in order to complete your move. You avoid long waiting lines at moving companies, and you avoid running into the risk of your moving truck being overbooked or rented out to someone else.


Tip 2: Move during the fall or winter

Moving later in the year is beneficial because the majority of people tend to move during the summer when school is out and temperatures are warmer. This is a great time to cash in on great moving deals because moving companies want to be able to provide moving service during months that may not be as busy in the year. While the temperatures may be colder, you will once again avoid long waits and overbookings because you will have fewer people to compete with for moving service.

Choosing to move later in the year is also an ideal time to move because you have more deals and specials being offered, especially during the holiday season. If you are looking to buy items for your new home or apartment, you will save big on purchases that may be more costly during the earlier part of the year when they are sold at full price.

The key is making your move convenient and easy, and choosing a time that will provide you with a few more benefits you may have not considered. Either way, we hope that your move will be a great success, and for additional helpful moving tips, visit our Moving page.

Dusty Rhodes