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by Dusty Rhodes on Jun 25, 2015  in 
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When it comes to moving, Do-It-Yourself moves or DIY moves can offer additional convenience. With no time constraints and the ability to pace yourself for your move, DIY moves provide flexible options.If you are moving locally within your city or town, it is a good idea to check out local storage units beforehand. You never know what unexpected surprises may occur as you prepare to move. From new houses that are not ready to apartment leases that have not ended, there is always the off chance that your move may be delayed, inviting the need for storage. In either case, certain factors play into how soon you can leave your current residence and move into your new one.

If you find yourself between moves, as many often do, storage is a great option as you make the transition between two residences. While storage may seem like an added extra step, it is a convenient solution when you need one. Since you are already going to move, and you are doing the move yourself, set aside time to incorporate packing your storage unit. Make a detailed list of items you are going to move and items you are going to store. Choose a method of transport that will enable you to transport both the items you need to move, as well as the items you need to store. One of the most convenient DIY options that comprises both moving and storage transport are portable storage options. With the ability to pack your storage unit and have it moved to either your new residence or a storage facility, portable storage is ideal for a local move.

When you choose your storage option, and begin the process of packing your storage unit, make sure that you pack your storage unit in terms of time and need. If items in your storage unit will be stored for a longer period of time, position those items towards the back of your storage unit, so that you will have easier access to the items that you need more immediately. For need, place the items that you will use sooner towards the front of your storage unit so that you do not have to sort your way through an entire storage unit.

With the advantage of having local storage resources at your disposal, you have the ability to check on your stored items as often as you need to. This is a convenient benefit for individuals completing a DIY move because it gives added reassurance that items are secured and easily accessible. Storage offers the benefit of taking the stress out of determining what will happen to your belongings if they cannot be moved when you need them to be. You avoid having to solely rely on family members and friends to store all of your belongings. Using storage during your DIY move allows you to maintain complete control over your moving process. 

Make preparations in advance to arrange your storage services so you do not experience any issues in completing your move. Check your local listings for storage providers in your area who offer the storage services you need, at the price you can afford. This will help you to stay within your DIY moving budget and benefit from doing the move yourself.

Hopefully, your DIY move will be a success and if you need additional information on DIY moves, or helpful storage tips, visit our Moving pages or browse through our website.

Dusty Rhodes