How to Protect Your Storage Unit From Pests

by Dusty Rhodes on Apr 27, 2015  in 
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Now that spring is here, pollen is in the air, trees and flowers are blossoming, and insects and pests are back, waiting to enter into whatever places they can. If you have a storage unit, or you are thinking about getting a storage unit, one of the most important, protective measures you can take this spring is to make sure that you protect your storage unit from insects and pests.

Here are a few SMART tips that will help you keep your storage unit pest-free, through the spring and all year round.

SMART Tip 1 If your storage unit is outside in a non-covered storage lot, keep the door to your unit closed and sealed when you are not accessing your belongings. This is an important step, both for security, as well as keeping insects and pests from flying or crawling into your storage unit. Try to access your unit during daylight hours so that you have a better visual of what insects or pests may be present outside.If your storage door is left open for an extended period of time, give your unit a quick check before you leave, just to make sure that no pests have invited themselves in. If you have items stored in a covered storage facility, it is still important to follow the same guidelines of keeping your storage unit closed and sealed. On occasion, insects and pests find their way into buildings and they will look for any opening that they can potentially crawl into. By keeping your unit closed when you are not using it, you will help to avoid unwanted pests and damage to your personal property.

SMART Tip 2 Avoid storing food in your storage unit whether your unit is inside or outside. This includes food items that are in boxes or cans. Pests have a way of smelling and detecting food odors, even if they seem as though they are harmless. All it takes is for one type of pest or insect to take up residence in your storage unit, and then your furniture and belongings are put at risk. Wrapping and protecting your items for storage is always important, but taking additional, preventive measures goes a long way in helping to protect your storage unit from pests.

SMART Tip 3 Make sure your storage unit does not contain any cracks or holes. If you notice that your storage unit contains any type of hole, report it to storage management so they can get it repaired for you. This way, you can avoid potential infestations of pests and insects. After all, you are paying money to have your items stored and protected and that includes protection from damage caused directly by a unit that is not properly up to code.

An additional helpful tip is to check out a potential storage facility you are considering before you choose your storage unit. Look for any signs of pest issues and problems. Check to see how well the storage facility is maintained and if there are any areas of concern.

We hope that all of these tips will help you to have a pest-free storage experience. For more great tips and helpful storage advice, check out our Storage page.

Dusty Rhodes