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by Dusty Rhodes on Feb 12, 2015  in 
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Storage units are an ideal resource when you need to store your furniture and belongings, but there are certain tips that can help guide you to the condition your storage unit should be in. If you have a storage unit or you are thinking about getting a storage unit, here are some SMART tips that can help you to keep your storage unit in great condition.

SMART TIP 1 Clean If you are using a storage unit for the first time, you want to make sure that your storage unit is clean, prior to placing items within the unit. Be sure to check for any spills on the floor because that could potentially transfer onto your belongings and furniture. Look for leaks in the unit because that could be a sign that your storage unit has a leak and that could mean future damage to your items.

Check for any pests that may be in your unit. While this is usually not the case, you don’t want the hassle of trying to get rid of pests once your unit is filled with furniture and belongings. A unit in good condition is one that should be free of all pests.

SMART TIP 2 Organized Your storage unit should be organized. An organized storage unit will help you to find items easily when you need them at a later date, and it will help you to keep from having to do a lot of moving and shifting trying to reach certain items. If possible, store items from certain rooms in the same general area of the unit so that you know the specific item you are looking for will be in that particular area. If that is not possible, be sure to write and mark boxes clearly and face the written labels of boxes outward so they can be visibly seen and pulled. Stage objects that you use most frequently closest to aisles you have created so that you can easily access them as needed. By using these simple organizational tips, you can have a great and organized storage unit.

SMART TIP 3 Safe Placing items in storage is convenient, but you always want to keep safety in mind with the way you store your belongings. Make sure that there are no dangerous or sharp objects sticking out that could cause potential harm. Pay close attention to how high you stack boxes and piles, so you won’t be in danger of heavy or large items falling on top of you. Be sure to leave a clear path so that you can safely walk to the rear or sides of your unit, and so you will not trip over items obstructing your path.

Check in advance to see whether or not your storage unit has lighting just in case you need to access it at night. Trying to stumble around your storage unit in the dark could be potentially dangerous so you want to make sure that it is accessible, safe and well-lit. Test the locking system on your unit before you place items in it. A broken lock is a breach of security for your belongings, and it needs to be addressed prior to moving your personal items into the unit.

If you find that your storage unit is not in good condition, check with management and request a new unit. If no other units are available at that time, ask about what repairs can be done to fix the condition of your unit and check to see if they will discount some of the cost of your unit for the month you are inconvenienced.

We hope that these SMART tips will help to make all of your storage experiences great, and for additional information, feel free to check out our Storage page.

Dusty Rhodes