Storage and Home Staging: What you need to know

by Dusty Rhodes on Jan 20, 2015  in 
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home staging in advance of a move

Selling your home is far from a simple task. The process becomes even more problematic when your house sits on the market for a long period of time with little to no activity. So, what can be done to increase the chances of selling your home? Well, to the surprise of many, a few simple storage and home staging tips can significantly increase the likelihood of securing a potential buyer. Listed below are common problems that many encounter during the buying process. Accompanied with it is a storage or home staging solution.

 Problem: Clutter

When attempting to sell a home, nothing proves more damaging than clutter. Clutter makes it difficult for potential buyers to visualize themselves in your home. A cluttered home is also an indication of carelessness. If you have allowed the cleanliness of your home to fall by the waste side, then prospective buyers might also question if you have let other major maintenance issues go unnoticed.

Solution: Storage

If you have gone through your home and eliminated all unwanted items, but your home still appears overcrowded, then you may need to store most of your belongings. Storing items makes your home more impersonal. In the buying process this is an effective tactic. This allows buyers to visualize themselves in the home without the distraction of your personal belongings. In addition, free from excess clutter, your home will appear more spacious.

Problem: Lack of Decoration

A home free from clutter is wonderful, but that alone will not sell it. Every home needs to display some sense of style. When a house is not decorated properly, it appears bland. A lack of decoration doesn’t allow the buyer to see what the house is capable of. Whereas properly placed decorations presents the house in all its glory.

Solution: Home Staging

A well placed picture, vase, or accent chair can breathe life into a home. Home staging does not require you to be excessive in decorating. Instead, it suggests that a few minor additions or alterations can make a home more inviting and appealing. Adding simple things such as a colored bed spread brightens up a room drastically and can make a huge difference in a bedroom. Home staging can also mean rearranging furniture. In most cases, this will make a space look and feel more spacious and space is a huge selling point in most homes.

Yes, at times selling your home may seem to be an impossible task, but storing excess items and implementing a few home staging tips can make a word of difference in a home. If you simply cannot part with some of the items you have in your home, then it will be beneficial to make sure they are out of sight. Preferably in a temporary storage facility. On the other hand, if your home is lacking an appealing look, then you may need to consider a few home staging options. All in all, utilizing these tips will make selling your home more successful.



Dusty Rhodes