Smart Tips for a SMARTBOX Move Take 2!

by Dusty Rhodes on Oct 28, 2013  in 
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We all know you're a smart cookie because you chose SMARTBOX, but there are always a few tips and tricks that can make everyone's move a bit easier.

  • Skip the newspaper and put a sock in it! When packing drinking glasses skip the typical newspaper as wrapping and put each glass in a clean sock instead. You can even use towels in between your layers and avoid the mountains of newspaper on the other end...not to mention the black smudgy hands, YUCK!
  • No such thing as too much information when moving. Make sure you label each box or bin with content info, but also include the name of the room where it will need to go in your new home! Seems like TMI, but it will ensure that all your helpers (whether free or paid) will not have to ask you where every box goes as they help you unpack your SMARTBOX!
  • Don't forget the TP! If you have the opportunity to get into your new home prior to your move, take advantage of that access to clean the kitchen and bathrooms before you move in. Put up shower curtains, stock toilet paper, towels and soap in each bathroom. You will appreciate this extra effort on move day when you go to use the bathroom and have everything you need!

Have a great move!



Dusty Rhodes