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Makes Your Storage & Moving Easier

Are you planning a move to Omaha?  If so, the professional team at SMARTBOX is ready to assist you every step of the way.  We understand that moving to a new city requires a lot of preparation and we strive to provide our customers with exceptional service to help them with all of their moving and storage needs.  We have also put together some helpful information as we welcome you to the beautiful city of Omaha.

Welcome to Omaha

Founded in 1854, the city of Omaha has always been a dynamic city and it continues to transform itself.  Its cultural diversity has been shaped by the Native American tribes, pioneers, railroad laborers, and meat packers who once took up a dwelling here.  The city is known for its hard working and friendly people.  In recent years, the city of Omaha has seen tremendous growth and warmly welcomes visitors with open arms and true Midwestern hospitality.  It doesn’t take long to discover why Omaha is the heartland of America.

Special Points of Interest

From its friendly neighborhoods to its variety of unique attractions, Omaha has something for everyone.  The Omaha Zoo is one of the many must see attractions in the city.  It is home to the world’s only indoor desert as well as North America’s largest indoor rainforest.  Visitors will also love exploring the historic Dundee Neighborhood.  It is one of the best places in the city to find top notch flavors and award winning restaurants.  Aside from its tempting culinary delights, the neighborhood also features plenty of great shopping.  The Durham Museum is another fascinating attraction.  It offers an array of refurbished trains and artifacts featuring some of the world’s rarest coins and documents.  No visit to Omaha is complete without a stroll around the Old Market.  It stretches across several blocks and is full of charming shops, art galleries, and restaurants.  It is a great stop for families and people of all ages.  Garden lovers will enjoy a visit to the Lauritzen Gardens where 100 acres of lush gardens awaits.  Kids will get a kick out of a spending a day at the Wildlife Safari Park.  This drive-through adventure offers visitors the chance to get a glimpse at a variety of wildlife including sand cranes and bald eagles.  It is the perfect spot for a picnic and a chance for kids to visit the petting zoo. 

Moving to Omaha

If you are moving to Omaha give SMARTBOX a call and let us assist you with all of your moving needs.  We offer a variety of affordable and convenient storage options that will help you move with ease. Call today and speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives who will talk to you about your specific needs and customize a plan that is just right.  We are happy to provide you with a free quote and a full description of our services.  Our moving solutions allow you to work at your own pace and organize your move so you will be less stressed knowing exactly where your belongings are located.  Furthermore, our expert staff can help you decide exactly how many units you will need so you never pay for more than you will use.  Our smart moving solutions will save you time and money.


Moving Locally in Omaha

We specialize in all moving services whether you are moving across the state or just across town.  Our convenient storage options are great for people moving within the city.  Our portable storage units provide you with ample storage as you clean out and organize your home.  They are spacious enough to fit all of your belongings and allow you to keep everything together in one place.  We also offer long-term storage options if you have some remodeling to be done at your new home.  Whatever you need, SMARTBOX is there to help!  Call today for a free quote and find out how we make local moves easy!

Storage Options

SMARTBOX offers unique and versatile storage options so there is something for everyone.  Our containers are available in a variety of sizes so there is no job too big or too small.  Their spacious interior and easy access make them perfect for home storage.  In addition, the interior wooden structure is built to add extra protection against rust and mildew.  For those needing long-term storage, our units can be delivered to one of our secure climate-controlled facilities.  This ensures maximum security for your belongings for as long as you need. Our storage units are also ideal for college students or people living in apartments who need a little extra storage space.  Give us a call today and let us help you decide which of our storage options is right for you!

Moving From Omaha

Relocating to a new city can be a stressful time and that’s why we are here to make your transition as seamless as possible.  Call today and let us help you decide which services will be necessary for your move.  We offer a variety of storage and moving options so you will be able to decide exactly what you need.  We are flexible when it comes to storage delivery and can provide portable containers upon your request.  Keep them as long as you need and let us know when you are ready for us to pick them up.  We are also happy to provide long-distance transportation complete with in-transit insurance so you can be sure your belongings are in good hands.  All you need to do it sit back and relax and let SMARTBOX take care of the rest. 



Whether you are moving across the country or just across the city, SMARTBOX has you covered every step of the way.  We offer convenient and affordable portable storage with exceptional and friendly service.  Moving has never been easier with SMARTBOX! Give us a call at 1-877-627-8269 and let us assist with all of your moving and storage needs.