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Compare us to PODS® and see why SMARTBOX is the premier provider of portable storage.




Transparent Pricing (no teaser rate that goes up after renting a container after the first month)


Wide swing door opening with secure piano hinge and multiple closures


8’ x 7’ x  5’ – Conveniently-sized units


Ground-level loading and unloading



Up to 8 units delivered in a single trip to home or business


Price match Guarantee


Use Promo code:
mbox20 to receive $20 off initial delivery!*

Transparent Pricing

Does the monthly storage rental rate increase after the first month or two? At SMARTBOX we believe in transparent pricing. The price you pay shouldn’t go up just because you decide to store with us longer than one month. Be careful when getting quotes from some of our competitors who don’t feel the same way.  Get a Quote today, and be sure to use Promo code: Mbox20 for $20 off your next order.

Swing Doors

Our wide, swing door makes it easy to place your belongings inside the SMARTBOX, and our locking system makes your belongings safe and secure.

Smartbox DimensionsConvenient Size

Smartboxes are conveniently sized. Two units can fit perfectly in a single parking spot, making it an ideal solution for decluttering and home staging projects in your driveway, or being mindful of neighbors when moving in or out of an apartment.

Multiple Smartboxes Delivered to your Door at Once

We value your time. Because we can deliver multiple Smartboxes to your home in a single delivery, you don’t have to wait around for our delivery team to make multiple trips back and forth between your home and the warehouse to make sure you have enough storage units.

Price Match Guarantee

If you provide us with a valid quote for service using the same-sized units as SMARTBOX from one of our competitors and it is cheaper, we will match the price. It is as simple as that.


  1. Use our instant quote calculator or call 1.877.627-8269 and reserve your SmartBox Units today!
  2. SMARTBOX delivers your containers to your home or business
  3. You pack your belongings and then give SMARTBOX a call
  4. SMARTBOX picks up your boxes and takes them to our temperature-controlled storage center, or if you are moving, we take the units right to you new home.
  5. RELAX!

 *May not be combined with any other offer.

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