5 Unique Ways to Use a Portable Storage Container in a Lawn Care Business

by Dusty Rhodes on Dec 09, 2020  in 
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  1. Storing Your Lawn Equipment

    The heart of any lawn care business is the equipment so it is imperative that the equipment be well protected.  Lawn equipment can be very bulky and will quickly take up a great deal of space in your home garage.  Portable storage containers, on the other hand, provide a safe, secure, and spacious location for you to store your lawn equipment.  It is also easily accessible so you can quickly grab your equipment and get to your jobs on time!

  2. Setting Up Your Office

    Lawn businesses spend most of their time outdoors but they still require an office where they can call clients, keep up with paperwork, store tools, and plan their jobs.  A portable storage container can be a great solution for an office because it is more cost effective than renting an office space and it is just the right amount of space for a small business. 

  3. Climate-Controlled Storage Options

    Lawn care businesses often use chemicals that require temperature regulations, soil, and lawn seeds…all of which should be stored in the right temperature.  A climate controlled storage container is the perfect solution for storing these temperamental items to ensure safety and quality. 

  4. Protect Equipment During the Winter

    Lawn businesses give their equipment a rest during the winter months but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be protected.  Lawn equipment is quite an investment so it’s important to keep it well-protected from the harsh winter weather.  Portable storage containers provide a safe and secure storage option where equipment will be protected against moisture and extreme temperatures.  This will help to ensure the longest life possible for your lawn equipment.

  5. Use It asWorkshop

Every lawn business will encounter mechanical problems and issues with their equipment from time to time.  A portable storage container is just the right amount of space for a lawn business to make the repairs necessary to keep their equipment up and running.


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