3 Tips for Storing Out of Season Clothes

by Dusty Rhodes on Feb 14, 2020  in 
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Spring is right around the corner and just as the season will change, so too, will your wardrobe. The sweaters, coats, hats, and boots you bundled in during the winter are likely to get tossed into a box or shoved into the back of a closet to make room for this season’s clothing. But, this isn’t exactly the best way to store your clothes. Improper storage can leave your clothes wrinkled and tattered and will ultimately shorten their life. This year, commit to organizing your out of season clothes and storing them properly. A little extra effort can make a big difference when it's time to unpack for a new season, so consider these three tips for storing your out of season clothes. 


Clean and Treat Your Clothes before Storing

The first step in preparing your clothing for storage is to make sure everything is thoroughly cleaned. Perfumes, body oil, and perspiration can attract insects including moths, so you want to take the time to clean all of your clothing. This is also the best time to remove stains. Any untreated stains are likely to set and even darken over time, making them nearly impossible to remove. Wash and dry clean your clothing according to the manufacturer’s instructions. For added protection from moths, consider adding lavender sachets to your storage containers. Not only does this smell nice, but the scent will deter moths.


Use the Right Storage Containers

Plastic storage containers and cardboard boxes are a popular choice for storage, but they aren’t ideal for storing clothing. Plastic bins trap moisture and germs, meaning you risk mildew, insects, and yellowing stains.. Cardboard boxes can attract bugs and are less likely to hold up over an extended period of time. Your clothes need to breathe, so the best storage containers for seasonal clothing are made of either cotton or linen.


Store Your Clothing in the Right Place

In order to protect your clothing, it must be stored in a clean, cool, dark, and dry location. Though closets can be ideal, many people don’t have a surplus of storage space in their closets and they resort to storing their clothing in the attic, basement, or garage. Unfortunately, these conditions are not appropriate for storing clothing and you risk damage to your clothes. Portable storage containers offer a great solution for homeowners who need additional storage space. These containers provide the perfect conditions for storing clothing and keep your out of season clothes neatly stored and out of the way.



Dusty Rhodes