5 Clever Ways to Maximize Space in a Portable Storage Container

by Dusty Rhodes on Nov 15, 2019  in 
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Save Space

Portable storage containers are an excellent solution for storing seasonal items, extra furniture, family mementos, or even all of your belongings between moves. Whatever the reason, it’s tough to beat the convenience of these nifty containers. That said, it can be challenging at times to fit everything inside the containers. To help you get the most bang for your buck, consider these tips for maximizing space in your portable storage container.


Use Uniform Box Sizes

While it may be tempting to purchase boxes in a variety of sizes, it makes it significantly easier to fit them all together if they are the same size. While it might not be possible to fit everything in the same size box, keeping most of them the same size will help tremendously. Choose a size that seems the most versatile and pack them full. If possible, fill in empty spaces in your boxes with things like pillows, blankets, sheets, and curtains to make the most of every inch.


Disassemble Furniture

If you can easily remove any part of a piece of furniture, do it. This includes table legs, headboards, chairs, couch legs and other attachments. Doing so will make these items fit better within the dimensions of the unit and will cut down on the amount of awkward, wasted space. Look at all of your furniture prior to storing it and decide which pieces can be disassembled. From there, you can decide the best way to place it in the container to ensure maximum efficiency.


Pack Vertically

Avoid the temptation to create a bottom layer in the container and build up, as this will make it extremely difficult to fill the entire storage container. Rather, work from the back first and fill the container vertically. Think vertically with everything you store to ensure you maximize space. For example, mattresses and sofas can be stored on their ends and this vertical method is much more effective for maximizing space than storing these items flat.


Make Use of the Furniture Itself

Boxes aren’t the only place where you can store your belongings.You can maximize space in a portable storage container by making use of the furniture itself. If you are storing things like dressers, bookshelves, nightstands, and other furniture with drawers, you can take advantage of the space inside the drawers and on the shelves. Doing so will free up more space on the floor and allow you to make better use of your resources.


Vacuum Sealing

Bulky items like pillows, sweaters, jackets, blankets, and bedding can take up a great deal of space in boxes. However, you can save this much needed space in your boxes by vacuum sealing these items. Not only will they flatten out, saving a tremendous amount of space, but they will stay fresh and clean inside the vacuum sealed bags! You can also use vacuum sealed boxes as a filler between boxes or on top of furniture to get the most out of your portable storage container.

Dusty Rhodes