HEY ALEXA What Are 5 Advantages of Using Portable Storage Units for Lawn Equipment

by Dusty Rhodes on Aug 09, 2019  in 
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As summer begins winding down and kids are preparing to head back to school, that can only mean one thing...fall is right around the corner. You have probably spent the past few months maintaining your lawn so you might be looking forward to getting a break from the yard work. This is also a great time to begin thinking about how you are going to store your lawn equipment during the cooler months. Portable storage units are a simple and affordable solution for storing your lawn equipment and there are several advantages to using these convenient containers.


Free Up Space in Your Garage

One of the biggest advantages to storing your lawn equipment in a portable storage unit is that is frees up a great deal of space in your garage. Why pack your garage full with lawn equipment that you only use for a few months out of the year? If there’s one thing most homeowners could use more of, it’s storage. So, consider storing your lawn equipment in a storage unit so you can enjoy the luxury of a clutter-free garage!


Prevent Damage to Your Equipment

Lawn equipment doesn’t come cheap and it’s not something you want to replace year after year. When you store your equipment in a shed or garage, it is susceptible to damage from weather, falling objects, and the constant shuffling around of the equipment. Protect your investment by storing your lawn equipment in a storage unit where it will remain free of debris and potential damage.


Weather Resistant

Unlike storing your lawn equipment in a garage, a portable storage unit ensures your equipment is completely safe from rain, dampness, wind, and extreme temperatures. The weather can wreak havoc on your lawn equipment so it’s important to store in a place where it will remain completely dry.



Lawn equipment is one of the most commonly stolen household items and it’s easy for burglars to break into a shed or garage. Portable storage units are much more secure and one of the safest places you can store your equipment to protect it against theft. They will remain locked at all times and only you have the key to access your storage unit. They are also made of a durable steel that is extremely difficult to break into.


Easy and Unlimited Access

Portable storage units are so convenient because they provide the storage you need while also offering easy accessibility to your belongings. You have the space to keep your equipment neatly organized, but you can check on your equipment or get items out anytime you need, making these storage units a super convenient solution.


Dusty Rhodes