Military Moving Program

by Dusty Rhodes on Jun 26, 2019  in 
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Our United States servicemen and women are some of the bravest and most admirable people in the country. They sacrifice their time and sometimes even their lives so the rest of us can enjoy freedom every day. They are a remarkable group of men and women and deserve our highest respect. That’s why Smartbox Portable Storage and Moving is proud to be offering a new military moving program.

Part of being in the armed services is having to relocate. Military relocations happen all of the time and families are ordered to move to new cities, sometimes on a moment’s notice. When this occurs, the government will provide you with moving options. There are times when the government will handle all of the expenses of your full-service move and they coordinate the move for you. Other times, they offer you a Personal Procured Move (PPM). In this instance, you can choose between hiring a professional moving company or handling the move yourself. If you choose the DITY method, the Department of Defense will reimburse you 95% of the cost of what they would pay for a government move and you get to keep the difference.

If you choose a PPM, Smartbox is the choice for you! We offer conveniently sized storage containers that are delivered directly to your door.  You have the freedom to pack and load up your belongings at your own pace and they we will transport them to your new home at your request. In addition to the convenience of packing at your own pace, you will be saving on your expenses and that means extra money in your pocket! Our storage offer easily accessible ground level loading and they are weatherproof and durable for ultimate security. We understand how stressful moving can be on a family and our military deserves the best options for their relocation. You can visit us online for more information, and links to important government forms.

Dusty Rhodes